Monday, June 26, 2006

Agape Press: The Christian Factor.

In their “Commentary and News Briefs,” Agape Press contains a little note about Mr. Murtha's opponent. Although it is not a long article, I have excerpted this passage for your enjoyment:

"And Murtha has a long history of appeasement, the Pennsylvania official asserts. She says he told Ronald Reagan the U.S. had to pull out of Beirut and told Bill Clinton America had to pull out of Somalia, just as the congressman is now telling George W. Bush that the U.S. needs to pull out of Iraq. "The way I see it is, Jack Murtha never saw a towel he didn't want to throw in," Irey observes. She says she has been amazed at how many people want to see Murtha out of office. Irey notes that she has received financial support from every U.S. state and even from military service members in Iraq." [Chad Groening]
Mrs. Irey has a backbone and a bit of spirit, it would seem.

Now, if Murtha had continued his practice of keeping a low profile in the House - after narrowly escaping indictment during ABSCAM - I would have said that Mrs. Irey might have a snowball's chance in hell of defeating him in November. There are three primary reasons that I would have said that.

1.) Mr. Murtha's voting record reveals that he is something of an aberration as a Democrat these days. According to the votes that he has cast on the major issues of the day, he is actually rather conservative. (Pun intended, but meaningless.)
2.) The demographics of his district reveal a population that is composed primarily of Democrats, but Democrats of the Zell Miller variety. They are what some call “Reagan” Democrats and what others call “Kennedy” Democrats. Certain political pundits use finer distinctions, but these analogies do well enough for my purposes here. In essence, his voting record on the major issues does reflect the “will of the people’ in the 12th district.
3.) Murtha has a solid reputation for delivering the pork to his district. Local media, businessmen - and many of the people, of course - are very appreciative and don’t want the pork to stop.

However, he gave up his low profile and opened his mouth in several nationwide - and even worldwide venues. He has opened his mouth so many times on Iraq and related topics over the last few months that it is difficult to keep up with all of the misrepresentations and inconsistencies. Zell Miller - Reagan -Kennedy Democrats are very patriotic and rather independent. They don’t like it when you verbally assault the United States or those who serve in the military. They really don’t like it at all.

...and then, there are the Christians in his district to consider. Normally, churches in such a demographic will tend to stay well away from politics. After their various meetings and services people will meet at local restaraunts, cafes, picnics and Sunday dinners to talk about the issues of the day. They'll also call one another, sharing emails and other information. If publications like Agape Press are mentioning the race, even in passing, Christians in his district will be talking about it.