Saturday, June 24, 2006

It’s a Marine Thing.

It’s a Marine Thing.

Well, it has been an interesting week for Mr. Murtha and the Democrats, hasn’t it? Their “Culture of Corruption” talking points blew up in their face. Ann Coulter’s book hit the top of the bestseller lists. The “Haditha Massacre” and “cover-up” talking points were revealed as lies. Their top military strategist “spokesperson” repeatedly proved to everyone that he doesn’t know anything about geography, let alone international politics or diplomacy. Several liberally biased national newspapers even published news, columns and editorials that pretty much questioned the sanity of anyone belonging to the Democrat Party.

If there weren’t still so much left to do, I’d take a minute and dance and sing and shout a bit. Well, I’m a white man, so I can’t jump, let alone dance, but I can sing! That’s not politically correct? Too bad. If you want to hear political correct-ese, please go to Kos or Democrat Underground. Maybe even the Huffington Post. Oh. Sorry about that. The blogoshpere is on to Kos and his mainstream connections, as well as his attempt to run his own little nation-wide “underground” oligarchy. Culture of corruption, indeed. Eh, Kos? Oh, yeah. The Huffington Post, although not currently known to be corrupt, is also playing an oligarch’s game. The staff is competing with its own members and adherents in an interesting manner. They’re using their talking points and rhetorical tactics while debating one another in their comments section, if you can call it debate, and none of them like being on the receiving end. Gee. Now they know what it’s like to be forced to listen to liberals all day long. I hope they like it. I hope they keep doing it to one another, too. It would appear from various testimonies that Huffington’s staff actually started the exchange. How…tolerant of them, don’t you think?

There was one more thing the liberals were complaining about last week. They didn’t get Roasted Rove on a platter. If I were him, I’d be quietly chuckling to myself right about now. He doesn’t have to do anything other than sit back, have a cold brew and watch the Democrats self-destruct. They do it all to themselves and then blame Bush, Rove and Reptilian Overlords for their self-immolation. Rove is called a political genius for standing back and watching all of this and more. Then, there’s Mr. Baghdad “All your Red States are belong to us!” John Murtha. He let the cat out of the bag and there’s no putting it back. The Democrats don’t have a plan. They don’t even have a plan to have a plan. For anything. Americans heard Mr. Murtha loud and clear, and they don’t like what he has to say. Did I mention two utter defeats on the Hill in D.C.? Well, there were others, but you know what I’m saying. What a week.

Oh, by the way? Did I mention that veterans from around the nation are mobilizing resources to help elect Mrs. Diana Irey to the 12th Congressional district in Pennsylvania this fall? In addition, I’ve heard about active duty Marines and their families who are going to be contributing to her campaign over the next few days and weeks. I also hear that they’ll be sending letters, faxes and emails to newspapers and Congress-critters, among others. The Marine Corps is a small community folks. In many ways, it doesn’t resemble any other branch of any other military force that’s ever existed. Instead of falling on his sword, Murtha took the coward’s way out. He’ll pay the consequences this fall. It’s a Marine Thing.