Friday, June 23, 2006

MMG EXCLUSIVE: Operation Street Corner, Vietnam Veterans for the Truth and Larry Bailey.

Sitrep (Situation Report) from the frontlines in Pennsylvania's 12th district.
Larry Bailey has a reputation. It's a reputation for getting things done, even if he has to do them himself. Working with other Veterans and activists during the last election cycle he had a very noticeable impact on those elections. How did he do it? He went to the people. He went to the streets. He's now doing the same thing in Congressman Murtha's home district. Although he is not a part of the Irey campaign, he maintains regular contact with them in order to ensure that he makes the most efficient use of the time and resources available.

This is what Larry Bailey did during the last election cycle: I understand that Mike Bradley of Vietnam Veteran's for the Truth is also supporting Larry in his efforts. This is what they did during the last election cycle: Although these organizations are no longer active today, Mr. Bailey and Mr. Bradley have joined forces with Iowa Presidential Watch and are working together to do much the same thing in Mr. Murtha's 12th PA district as they did in 2004 on a national level.

Considering the impact that they had during the national elections in 2004 and think about what kind of impact they'll have by focusing their efforts on a single Congressional district. That's pretty exciting, if you ask me! Well, even if you don't ask me, I still think that's pretty exciting. It proves that one person can make a difference. It proves that all of us, as individual American citizens, still possess the power to change the direction of an entire nation. All that we have to do is to get off our butts and do something to change it.

Do you want to see Murtha gone? Do you want to see him defeated in November? First, write a check to "Vets for the Truth" and put it in the mail. (The donations will be covered under Iowa Presidential Watch's 527 status.) Do it today. Do it now. Then ship the items requested below to the address enclosed. After that, just pass the word.

Now, here's what Larry had to say about the current situation in Pennsylvania.

"Folks, here's a general outline of where we are at the moment, as best as I can relate Fundraising: several different lists are being solicited; nothing in hand as yet other than Jack Peevy's generous seed-money. We need money NOW so we can send (people) from across the USA to help District 12 OSC volunteers get started. I'd like to get four or five of these folks up there within 30 days, unless you local folks can get started on your own!

COMMENT: We MUST raise several thousand dollars for travel, copier rental, and other miscellaneous expenses. We should stockpile glue sticks, bumper stickers, yard signs, and the like so volunteers don't have to look for those things on their own.

Contributions should be mailed to me at 103 Pamlico Place; Chocowinity, NC 27817. Checks should be made payable to "Vets for the Truth." Send out our message to your contact lists.

I sent an e-mail to Linda Eddy in Iowa asking for her help in providing cartoon satire. She's GOOD, and she helped us against Kerry in '04. You can check out her work at Ultimately, I'd like to pay her for her work. Once again, see Fundraising above.

Organizational: I'm setting up a "Vets for the Truth" bank account this morning at First South Bank's local branch. Later today or early tomorrow I'll get started on the PayPal capability. I'll provide info to those who need to know.

Administrative: First item of business is to get our website up and running in a credible way. Amanda Prewett Doss of Texarkana, TX, who handled the '04 campaign, has been engaged to be our website manager, and she has already purchased our domain name What we need to do now it to develop the download folder from which our volunteers will obtain the flyers that they will post on their display boards. PLEASE keep your eyes open for ANYTHING that could be used (to defeat) Murtha. For the time being, send what you find to me; I have asked a very literate friend to stand by to extract the most salient quotes for posting in large font on our display boards.

Listen, folks! Operation Street Corner will WORK, and I think its effect will, after the election, be measurable. We just need to start small and build to a crescendo in October and culminate in a Rally or some major event just before the election."

Larry Bailey can be contacted via email here:

To support Mrs. Diana Irey, Murtha's experienced and able opponent, go here:

Correction: 23 June, 2006; 6:06 MDT:
I have been informed that Larry Bailey and Mr. Bradley have nothing to do with the Irey campaign. I do apologize for the mistake.
- Bones