Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pennsylvania's 12th District polls.

Everywhere you look in the blogosphere, as well as in groups, forums, email lists and newsletters, people are asking about Mrs. Diana Irey and asking, "What do the polls say?" The polls don't say anything - because at present, there aren't any polls on that race. Zero, zip and none. That said, there are a few places to look for hints at what might be going on in the 12th district of Pennsylvania.

A few days ago, I wrote an off-the-cuff "thumbnail" analysis that was titled "Support Diana Irey." That assessment first appeared in public at Gateway Pundit on the 16th of June under the headline: "Is Murtha in Trouble at Home?" That assessment is proving to be valid in many ways. I used alternative and numerous resources to come to that assessment. Here's a few examples of such resources and what they reveal.

According to the findings of a Quinnipac University poll, what Murtha has been saying is not playing well at home. As responses to one question in the poll indicate, the number of Pennsylvanians who want to bring the troops home immediately has dropped by nearly twenty per cent since the May primaries. Which is when Mr. Murtha began his more vocal - and media supported and approved - attacks on the "Haditha Marines." His trumpet calls to "redeploy" to Okinawa became even more strident at about that same time. In case you didn't already know, local Japanese citizens don't really want us there. The US has been moving resources out of Okinawa in accordance with their wishes.

Although we won't see such luminaries as Zogby doing a poll on the Murtha-Irey race anytime soon, there are other polls and resources from which some rather important indicators can be gleaned. One such resource is available at Franklin & Marshall. More information can be also located at the U.S. Census Congressional District website.