Sunday, August 24, 2008

On Calling a Spade a Spade

Amen Terry Everett!
WASHINGTON - Republican Rep. Terry Everett of Alabama unleashed an unusually harsh attack on a House colleague, calling decorated Vietnam War veteran John Murtha, D-Pa., a cut-and-run idiot.

"Don’t talk to me about defense," Everett, who is retiring at the end of this term, said during a radio interview this week. "Cut-and-run John Murtha is in charge of the appropriations committee for defense and he is certainly no friend of the military.

"And don’t talk to me about him being an ex-Marine. Lord, that was 40 years ago. A lot of stuff can happen in 40 years. Thank you for your service as being an ex-Marine but that doesn’t mean you’re (not) an idiot, and he is," Everett said of Murtha.
Of course Murtha was shocked, shocked, I tell you!
Murtha, the House’s biggest recipient of home-state pet projects and a key distributor of them to other lawmakers as chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, has been a leading critic of the war in Iraq. His spokesman, Matthew Mazonkey, said in a statement that Murtha would not "stoop to that level" by responding to personal attacks.
Not surprising, to tell you the truth. Since the ol' gasbag "Jihad Jack" has still refused to respond to the fact that made personal attacks of his own when he falsely accused some Marines of being cold-blooded killers.

Murtha's spokes-toad added:
"Congressman Murtha’s record of supporting our troops and our veterans speaks for itself," Mazonkey said in a statement. Mazonkey noted that the Democratic-controlled Congress had dramatically increased Veterans Affairs spending and recently passed a new GI Bill that more than doubles college aid for troops and veterans.
Like I've always said about Jihad Jack, he supports our troops like arsonists support firefighters.

Murtha's self-centered, reckless actions literally made life a living hell for Marines whose only crime was following ROE. Not to mention a living hell for their families.

And no apologies. Not. One. Word.

Where are the apologies, Jack Murtha? Where is your resignation, Jack Murtha?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Darryl Sharratt speaks out...

As you know, Mr. Sharratt, father of accused (and acquitted) Haditha Marine Justin Sharratt, is a contributor on this blog.

In a new ad on behalf of Lt. Col. William Russell, Sharratt spells out the case against Jihad Jack Murtha: