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American Spectator Via Diana Irey For Congress: Murtha News

The American Spectator's September Issue just released features a story of which excerpts are on Diana Irey's website and contains alot of the well known facts about Murtha that followers of his every move like this site and a few others are aware of, hence the creation of these sites.

However, because of the MSM's love affair with everything and anything on the left, these what should be shocking pieces of information going back for many years have yet to break through the wall of protection erected by them surrounding Mr Murtha, thus keeping much of it from the average voters in Pennsylvania and those across the rest of the country that do not spend alot of time on the internet.

With only 2 months until the election, time is running out to reach these folks and hopefully the work of the people here and other anti-Murtha sites such as BootMurtha, GrassrootsPA and a few other blogs and forums the word will get out and Murtha will indeed be redeployed by Diana Irey in the fall.

In Case You Missed It: The American Spectator: The Full Murtha: "Washington is a forgiving town, at least to Democrats. Generally, scandal-tainted Republicans are given little quarter. John McCain is the most outstanding exception, and campaign finance reform is his ongoing penance. In the absence of such surrender to the Democratic agenda or a retreat from Washington altogether, the disgraced politician does the smart thing: lies low. Congressman John P. 'Jack' Murtha (D-PA) did precisely that for almost 25 years after his entanglement in 'Abscam,' an FBI investigation in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Then last November, Murtha re-emerged as the Democrats' main spokesman on the war in Iraq, loudly advocating the withdrawal of American forces. No flash in the pan, Murtha appears intent on remaining a media darling. In June, hoping that Democrats take over the House, he mounted a brief campaign for U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer's position as the number-two Democrat in the chamber.

Despite months of Murtha's noise, the media have offered little more than an abridged account of his 16-term tenure in the House of Representatives. When he made his splash last year, newspaper reports suggested that Murtha was a well-known hawk, a conservative even, who reluctantly, heroically, turned against the war. Yet to most political junkies, he was unknown. A flattering profile in the Washington Post last fdevoted all of one sentence to Murtha's "ethical scrape" in Abscam. Some outlets have reported the basic facts of Murtha's run-in with the law, but have pretty much ignored the rest of his career.

So who is Jack Murtha? One of the greatest behind-the-scenes operators in the House, he is an old-school congressman whose recent outspokenness is out of character-and perhaps a sign of desperation.

Before Abscam, Jack Murtha was a rising politician. A native of southwest Pennsylvania, Murtha twice enlisted in the Marine Corps and served one tour in Vietnam, where he was highly decorated. From the Pennsylvania statehouse, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election in 1974. He was quickly noticed by House leadership and apparently headed for its ranks, earning a slot on the Appropriations Committee and a role as a floor whip.

But his power-broker style made him a ripe target for the Abscam investigation. A sting operation hatched by the FBI in the late 1970s, Abscam had undercover agents offering bribes to senators, congressmen, and local politicians in return for official services on behalf of fictional Arab sheiks. After Abscam became public in 1980, six congressmen and one senator were convicted of bribery and conspiracy. Murtha wasn't among them, but he was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. Although Murtha did not accept a bribe, he failed to turn the undercover agents away.

The media's avoidance of Abscam isn't for lack of colorful details. According to reports, an FBI videotape of the meeting shows Murtha, quite confident in his large influence with Congress and the Carter White House, interested in dealing with the undercover agents. A 13-second clip of the meeting was discovered by conservative media earlier this year and disseminated on the Internet." read more

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On perpetuating lies...

First of all, isn't Mr. Murtha just full of himself that he, until this past November a virtual wallflower in the House of Representatives, is taking on the "Grand Damme" of the democrat party.

John Murtha on Hillary Clinton:
"I think the senator from New York is slowly coming around. I believe the senator from New York has begun to see the light I hope. She called me... and I said, 'You can take the lead in this anti-war, this particular war fight.' And she declined. I don't understand what her reasoning is..."
Translation: "If I keep on spreading lies about Iraq and Haditha, Hillary will become as big a liar and seditionist as I am"

Yes, Mr. Murtha--I mean Lies with a capital "L".

Like in this interview that took place yesterday (August 29, 2006):

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about Haditha and what happened there? You were the first congressman to talk about it.

REP. JOHN MURTHA: Yeah, I support the military 100%, unless they make a tragic mistake like that, which hurts the rest of the troops and hurts our nation.

AMY GOODMAN: And what do you know at this point of what happened there?

REP. JOHN MURTHA: Well, I know that the NCIS, which is the Naval justice system, endorsed what I said. They said that these were --people were killed unnecessarily, and so I’m looking forward to that thing being resolved. It should have been resolved much faster. If I hadn’t spoken out, it wouldn’t even have been investigated.

That's a bald-faced lie, John Murtha:
DOD officials tell TIME that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently set up a Pentagon task force, which meets once a week, to track Haditha and prepare for the eventual release of the investigations’ results. But a Pentagon source familiar with the criminal investigation says that contrary to the suggestions of some media reports Wednesday, there have been no conclusions that the Marines deliberately killed unarmed civilians. This source also says that the bodies of those killed at Haditha have not been exhumed, which makes proving murder ‘very challenging.’

As a matter of fact, the Jawa Report notes that one of the Marines that Baghdad Murtha slandered, John Wuterich, is actually up for a commendation:

From the Washington Post:

Lt. William T. Kallop wrote in a praise-filled memo that the incident on Nov. 19, 2005, was part of a complex insurgent ambush that included a powerful roadside bomb followed by a high volume of automatic-weapons fire from several houses in the neighborhood. He lauded Sgt. Frank Wuterich for his leadership in the "counterattack" on three houses while the unit received sporadic enemy fire.

The proposed citation indicates that Kallop -- the only Marine officer at the scene as the incident unfolded -- believed the unit was under a coordinated insurgent attack when Marines stormed civilian homes and opened fire, killing women and children. Whether Marines felt threatened and believed the homes to be hostile is a central element of their defense against potential criminal charges.

The Jawa Report concludes:
Kallop's memo would seem to be an odd way of trying to sweep the incident under the rug.
Indeed. But let's not let the possibility of the innocence of a few Marines in Haditha creep in the way of Jack Murtha's political ambitions, shall we?

After all, John Murtha's actions and verbiage leave no doubt in one's mind as to their expendability.

Truth, be damned.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Wrong Army?

This website describes John Murtha's "game" quite adequately. After reading it, you'll be able to play the Murtha game as well.

Give it a try.

(h/t to Heavy Handed)

When anti-war moonbats eat their own...

Hell hath no fury like a moonbat scorned:

Major Owens, John Murtha Skirmish on Radio

There may be some unexpected fireworks at tonight's "town hall" meeting on the Iraq war with anti-war hawk John Murtha.

The Pennsylvania Democrat (pictured below) will be speaking out at the Park Slope United Methodist Church at 7: 30 p.m. tonight, discussing his call for a phased redeployment of U.S. troops by the end of this year.

But his decision to appear at the forum with Brooklyn councilmember Yvette Clarke and Congressman Anthony Weiner has already caused a minor dustup with the Owens camp.

oooooooooh---Weeeeee----CAT FIGHT!

Congressman Major Owens, whose son Chris Owens is running against Clarke to take over his seat on the Hill, called in to the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC this morning to question why he was not notified of the event, which is taking place in his congressional district. (Tape of the show here. )

"[Weiner] set it up in my district instead of his district and didn't bother to notify me," Owens complained, calling that a "great breach of protocol."

In fact, the appearance was set up by the Clarke campaign, which, not surprisingly, neglected to invite along her competitor’s father.

After all, Major Owens' kid is every bit as seditious as the next seditious democrat:
Daddy Owens also took Murtha to task for endorsing Clarke, considering his own and his son’s ample anti-war credentials. (Major Owens was one of the 133 House representatives who voted against the war, while both Weiner and Murtha voted for it.) (read the whole thing)
Man--this is shaping up like two catty dames fighting over the attention of the "buff guy" (heh) on the beach--seeing who can be called the biggest schmuck!

But not to worry, Major Owens and son--at last glance, I'm sure that there's quite enough of Murtha's big phat seditious backside to go around for every moonbat democrat legislative wannabee that is willing to bend over and pay homage to him.

Of that you can be sure.

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Regarding "smart" redeployment...

And in other developments, the South Koreans are on course to take over their own defense...
U.S. President George W. Bush and South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun will meet in Washington on Sept. 14.

A South Korean government official speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Seoul newspaper Chosun Ilbo that Bush and Roh would subsequently issue a joint statement including an agreement on South Korea eventually exercising sole wartime control of its troops.

Chosun Ilbo reported Aug. 25 that the two presidents would also take the opportunity to comment on the "continuing strength" of the South Korea-U.S. alliance.

Another South Korean government official, speaking anonymously, told the newspaper that since Bush had agreed to the idea of ceding wartime military control, "there is a strong possibility that the two will confirm the principles" for the handover ahead of the Security Consultative Meeting that will produce a "road map" in Washington the following month.

Under the terms of the agreement the South Korean government will gain autonomy, while the Bush administration will be able to continue its global troop realignment, "strategic flexibility" allowing troops currently deployed in South Korea to be shifted elsewhere.
Unlike than the "re-deployment" plan (Okinawa, anyone?) advocated by John Murtha, where troops will be taken from where they are needed to where they aren't, this plan actually calls for redeployment from where they aren't needed to where they are.

Which is one more reason why it's not safe to vote democrat; and especially unsafe to vote for Jack Murtha.
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Monday, August 28, 2006

...Soon to be on democrat training tables everywhere...

Don't Even Joke About That

Blogging about Pittsburgh-area media coverage of John Murtha is as easy a taking a nap: Most of the time, it involves laying about doing nothing, because the local reporting is next to nil. Most stories about Murtha tell us about his ongoing efforts to bring pork to the PA 12th district.

When these papers report on Murtha's treasonous stance on current events, the stories are accompanied by editorials gushing with admiration for every sentence that comes out of the man's mouth. We see it in the conservative Tribune-Review as well as the liberal Post-Gazette.

This past weekend we learned what kind of support Murtha is getting in his district outside of the mass media -- and it looks like it's coming from a big money Republican. From yesterday's Whispers column in the Tribune-Review:

IMPRESSED. Federal legislators on both sides of the aisle apparently have left quite an impression on Fayette County Commissioner and 84 Lumber founder Joe Hardy.

Hardy invoked the "p" word for both Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and Democrat U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha in separate events this month in Uniontown. Apparently, both would have Republican Hardy's support for the presidency.

"And it won't be too many years until we'll be saying he's president," Hardy said in introducing Santorum at an Aug. 10 rally for the two-term senator.

Last week, Hardy gave a ringing endorsement for Murtha after the congressman concluded his statements about Uniontown's makeover, which includes the development of the Storey Square park area and renovations to the State Theatre Center for the Arts.

"Jack for president," Hardy said, as Murtha walked from the microphone.

I hope he was joking about that. I really, really hope that it was the punchline for an inside joke that had Hardy and his friends laughing hysterically behind Murtha's back. It seems a strange thing to say casually after a Congressman from another political party has just finished speaking about urban renewal in a small city.

For the record, according to, Joe Hardy has contributed thousands of dollars to Republican candidates in the last three years alone. There are a few, shall we say, "blemishes", such as his $1,000 donation to Tom Daschle in 2004. Most glaring are the tens of thousands that he has given to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the last three years. He hasn't contributed directly to Murtha, but then he doesn't need to; I'm sure he had John Murtha in mind when he made these soft money contributions.

Keep this in mind when you think about patronizing one of Mr. Hardy's several business interests.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cleland to Lead Anti-Boot Murtha Rally

Max Cleland has announced that he'll lead a vets rally for John Murtha the day before the Boot Murtha rally. Here's part of his statement:
The Murtha for Congress Committee said that former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA) announced last night he's leading a large-scale effort among his veteran brothers to support U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA), who is coming under attack from "radical right-wing forces in the veterans' community" aimed at "swift-boating Murtha, like they did former Democratic nominee for president Sen. John Kerry."
Sen. Cleland, Is it a "radical right wing" thing to demand that John Murtha not betray his oath of office by ignoring the Constitution's due process and fair trial guarantees? If it is, then I'm guilty as charged. And proudly so. Murtha, on the other hand, is too interested in playing cheap political politics with the military to be concerned with Constitutional guarantees these days.

Sen. Cleland, Is it a "radical right wing" thing to expect our elected officials to not demoralize our troops by saying that we can't win in Iraq? Rep. Murtha owes our troops an engraved apology for the things he's said.

Sen. Cleland, Is it a "radical right wing" thing to demand that our representatives to tell the truth about troop morale? If it is, then count me among the "radical right wing." If you think that Rep. Murtha hasn't lied about it, I suggest you read this article. Here's the transcript of Sgt. Seavey's statement:
"Yes sir my name is Mark Seavey and I just want to thank you for coming up here. Until about a month ago I was Sgt Mark Seavey infantry squad leader, I returned from Afghanistan. My question to you, (applause)
"Like yourself I dropped out of college two years ago to volunteer to go to Afghanistan, and I went and I came back. If I didn't have a herniated disk now I would volunteer to go to Iraq in a second with my troops, three of which have already volunteered to go to Iraq. I keep hearing you say how you talk to the troops and the troops are demoralized, and I really resent that characterization. (applause) The morale of the troops that I talk to is phenomenal, which is why my troops are volunteering to go back, despite the hardships they had to endure in Afghanistan.
"And Congressman Moran, 200 of your constituents just returned from Afghanistan. We never got a letter from you; we never got a visit from you. You didn't come to our homecoming. The only thing we got from any of our elected officials was one letter from the governor of this state thanking us for our service in Iraq, when we were in Afghanistan. That's reprehensible. I don't know who you two are talking to but the morale of the troops is very high."
Frankly, Sen. Cleland, I don't know how anyone can defend John Murtha's actions the past six months. Sen. Cleland, I don't know why you'd even try. Is it because you're doing it only for political purposes?
He continued, "Semper Fi is not a slogan to Jack Murtha, it's a way of life, in uniform and in the halls of Congress where he's put the full force of his unyielding support of our military into real leadership for our troops and military families for over three decades in Washington. There's a reason why Congressman Murtha is one of our most trusted voices on national security and America's standing in the world, he speaks his mind, he speaks his heart, and he's willing to speak truth to power."
It's insulting to hear Sen. Cleland say that Semper Fi isn't a slogan to John Murtha. Murtha's actions don't speak loudly of his support for our troops. These days, they speak more of betraying the troops. As for the senator's claim that Murtha is "one of our most trusted voices on national security", I'd just suggest that he take a look at Murtha's advice to President Clinton on Somalia:
The Pennsylvania Democrat announced that President Clinton had been "listening to our suggestions. And I think you'll see him move those troops out very quickly."
"They're subdued compared to normal morale of elite forces," Murtha said. "Obviously, it was a very difficult battle. A lot of Somalis were killed, but it was a brutal battle." Murtha said the U.S. had to no choice but to pull out now, explaining, "There's no military solution. Some of them will tell you [that] to get [warlord Mohamed Farrah] Aidid is the solution. I don't agree with that."
In a 1998 interview with ABC's John Miller, Osama bin Laden said that America's withdrawal from Somalia had emboldened his burgeoning al Qaida force and encouraged him to plan new attacks.
"Our people realize[d] more than before that the American soldier is a paper tiger that run[s] in defeat after a few blows," the terror chief recalled. "America forgot all about the hoopla and media propaganda and left dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat."
After reading bin Laden's statement, it's obvious that we can't afford much more of Murtha's 'sage advice' on national security.

That's why Murtha Must Go.

That's why it's time to Boot Murtha.

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What Have You Done For Me Lately? Part II

That's the question that people are asking about John Murtha in this OSC newsletter. Let's take a look:
Regardless of opinions on Murtha's past words and deeds, it is what Murtha is saying and doing now that have folks no longer supporting him.
His playing politics now with our soldiers' lives was a common reason cited for no longer supporting him. His insensitivity to troops in the field and soldiers' now, who need to know that the family member's life and sacrifice had good purpose, was another reason for no longer supporting him.
The backlash is coming this November as the truth sinks in. Message to John Murtha: the past is the past. We don't like what you are saying and doing NOW!
The legacy part of Murtha's record is fine, albeit a bit dull. Frankly, I heard of Murtha long before I actually heard Murtha speak. He was always a 'shadows' representative, meaning he didn't get much airtime until his immediate redeployment political ploy. Since then, he's been the military's worst supporter in terms of what he's said.

The military voters in PA-12 resent his statements over the past year, whether it was the immediate redeployment proposal, saying that the "military is living hand to mouth", that they were the main targets in Iraq's civil war (I still can't figure that one out, btw.), that Marines killed innocent Iraqi civilians in the terrorist hotbed of Haditha and that they didn't have the proper equipment, specifically body armor for the soldiers.

The truth is that the soldiers didn't wear the body armor. Here's what Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson said:
"In many cases we found [the troops] didn't wear it because it was too heavy."
Then there's these quotes:
  • "We must not burden our soldiers with weight to the point that they become ineffective and susceptible to other dangers," explained Maj. Gen. Stephen Speakes, the Army's director of force development.
  • Marine Sgt. Jared McNerney actually modeled the kind of up-armored uniform Clinton indicated she preferred. But Sgt. McNerney explained that if he was forced to carry that much weight, it could get him killed. "I'm climbing walls, I'm jumping through windows," McNerney complained. "What I need most is mobility." With the heavier gear, he said, "I can barely extend my arms over my head."
Murtha's been telling one whopper after another this year. That's why military voters in his district have turned against him. He's more worried about saying things that endear him to Code Pink and CAIR than he is worried about what he says to our military. It isn't difficult to figure out why his popularity has plummeted.

The reason you know it's plummeted is because you don't hear anything about his job approval ratings in the Pittsburgh/Johnstown press. If his popularity were strong, that's all you'd be hearing about him.
A couple of veterans I spoke with expressed loyalty to Murtha because he had helped them somehow along the way in the past; or they believed "he was a highly decorated honorable man." I appreciated their willingness to hear my reasons for not supporting Murtha even as I respectfully listened to them.
Being a real constituent of District 12, I explained that I have family members who have recently returned from on the ground in Iraq, and how deeply concerned I am about Murtha politicizing the military and troops for personal political gain. Such talk puts our troops in even greater danger and demoralizes our troops. As our discussion progressed it became clear that we had much more in common, than not. This impressed both sides in the discussion.
Once people know what the activists know, their opinions change. Some might still vote for him but their opinion is changed.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Must See TV Saturday Night! Don't Miss It or Else.

I'm sure binLaden is searching his "cavemaster satellite dish" guide for this one.. It's sure to be a must for those lovable Kos Kids and the Huffposters to gather 'round the ol' solar powered boob tube waxing poetic about the good old days of Clinton, Kennedy, Camelot and what a great world it would be know the drill.

But this NBC sponsored documentary developed by Al Roker productions, yes, those magnificent world renowned documentarians second only to Michael Moore himself (in weight) is as good as Fitzmas to the left, as it purports to reflect on and glorify the courageousness of some more recent liberal hero's of today. Who would they be your asking yourself?

Why, three of America's wonderful anti-war best friends of the enemy, John Murtha and his co- recipients of the Kennedy Profile in Courage awards they received to much fanfare earlier this year which now warrants it's very own 1 hour television film/special. All this glory for mainly disparaging our troops while they are in the Middle East theater fighting a war, putting their lives on the line eliminating terrorists for the freedom of Iraqi's, preserving the freedom of we Americans and the rest of the weasley west while they're at it.

Color me stupid, but I cannot recall the last time a network devoted some prime time viewing hours to such a not out of the ordinary event. The White House has to beg these same networks to cover presidential news conferences during wartime for cripes sake.

Granted it is not a networkwide forced program apparently, as I myself after a bit of "googling" have been unable to locate any channel this program is viewable in Chicago on network or comcast cable including our local 5 affiliate WMAQ 5, but it is widely available in other parts of the country, particularly the northeast it appears. Luckily if you live in Boston it is right there on your local NBC affiliate as indicated in the press release below. Hopefully your town is one of the lucky ones as well.

I don't know about you, but I just can't wait until next weeks Saturday night special devoted to the great American war on terror heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan, boldly fighting terrorism where it breeds and develops right in the belly of the beast to be hosted by Katy Couric and Cindy Sheehan.

(Ranting a bit off topic) As if.....that'll happen when France actually sends some troops somewhere in the world to back up the lofty peaceloving goals that they want the rest of us to adhere and aspire. For instance, their UN troop contingency after much arm twisting by the way (initially 200 than increased to 2000) being sent to Lebanon isn't enough to beat back the crips and bloods in Los Angeles on a Saturday night for goodness sakes.

Below are some snippets from the "Murtha love in review" from the Boston Herald Saturday
'Profiles' shows courage is still key in politics - The Boston Globe: "On the eve of the anniversaries of Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the country is filled with talk about which politicians did and did not take a proper stand.

Stepping away from the blame game, NBC tonight is airing a thought-provoking documentary, ``Profiles in Courage: A Kennedy Legacy,' that reminds viewers of the true meaning and consequences of civic responsibility.

The one-hour film, which airs on WHDH-TV (Channel 7) at 7 p.m., is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's book of the same name. That book, which won a Pulitzer Prize, traced the story of eight politicians throughout American history, including John Quincy Adams and Daniel Webster, who risked their popularity for the sake of their integrity."


The film takes a sharp turn for the better when it jumps forward to honor political courage in modern times. Congressman John Murtha, a former Marine, called for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq in 2005. Former Navy general counsel Alberto Mora took a stand against the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay from 2002 to 2005. Congresswoman Hilda Solis fought against environmental abuses by businesses in her California district in the late 1990s.

All three people were given John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Awards, an honor bestowed on elected public officials by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

Their stories alone make the film worth watching. click for full press release.

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Leo adds:

JFK once said,
Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
This much we pledge—and more."

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy-

Heh... John Murtha... Some "profile in courage" he is:

Friday, August 25, 2006

Murtha's Accusations Crumbling

John Murtha's categorical declaration that Marines had killed people in Haditha in cold blood took another hit today in this Washington Post article. Let's look at what they're reporting:
In a 34-minute interview with two colonels, Laughner described taking pictures of each of the bodies while moving from room to room in three houses, as the Marines described what happened in each circumstance. The Marines told Laughner they had taken fire from the houses and believed they heard people "racking AK-47s", preparing to fire the automatic weapons. The Marines then "cleared" the rooms using fragmentation grenades and rifle shots. Two other accounts given by lawyers for Marines in the unit are consistent with the version Laughner heard from the Marines involved in the incident on Nov. 19.
It hardly sounds like these Marines went off the deep end. Rather, it sounds like they were defending themselves from imminent danger. It's a big stretch to say that people defending themselves from imminent attack killed people in cold blood. If you heard someone getting ready to fire automatic weapons at you, what actions would you take? Personally, I wouldn't hesitate in using everything in my arsenal to defend myself in such a hostile environment.

Remember the conditions in Haditha. Here's what Wikipedia says about Haditha:
As the fighting continued following the fall of Saddam Hussein, Haditha became a center for insurgent activity. It lies between Al-Qaim, an insurgent entry point, and Baghdad. On July 16, 2003 Mohammed Nayil Jurayfi, mayor of Haditha, and his youngest son, Ahmed, were assassinated.
In other words, Haditha was as dangerous a place as Fallujah used to be. This wasn't a place for the faint of heart. It essentially was a place of death.
Laughner also said that 30 Jordanian passports and large amounts of cash were found in a home near the shooting scenes. One investigator asked Laughner if there was anything about the number of civilian victims or the circumstances of the casualties that gave reason to pause and "say jeez." "Any time you see women and children, sir, I thought that," Laughner said. "But from what the Marines had told me and from what I understood from them, that I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing in their situation. If I hear somebody racking AK rounds, and I don't know how many guys are there, I'm going to protect me and my guys."
If you find a bunch of passports and large wads of cash, then it's likely that you've found a terrorist hangout or headquarters. I suspect most people would expect these Marines to take aggressive action.

The bottom line is that Murtha's story sounds like a total fabrication every time more information comes out. The more information that I hear from people like Sgt. Laughner, the more credibility I give to the Haditha Marines. Frankly, I hope the Marine Corps commandant demands that Mr. Murtha formally apologize for his misstatements.

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PA 12--can Murtha buy your vote?

In yet another Murtha puff piece...
U.S. Rep. John Murtha visited the Mid-Mon Valley Thursday to show his support for a couple of improvement projects he has helped fund.

Murtha and members of his staff stopped at Monongahela Valley Hospital to tour the recently expanded emergency room and learn about other program developments.

They also visited the site of a road safety improvement project at the intersection of routes 837 and 88 in New Eagle.

At the hospital, Murtha toured the improved emergency room and learned about neuroscience services and diabetes prevention and management programs. (Read the rest here)

This is exactly how John Murtha has stayed in office lo' these many years... by bringing home the pork.

But there comes a time one must ask themselves: At what price?

As of the past year especially, John Murtha's pork has been laden with the blood of our soldiers, whose enemies have no doubt been emboldened by Murtha's continuous bashing of our military and his refusal to support their mission.

Voters of PA-12, you do have a choice.

Diana Irey, aside from supporting your troops and their mission, has made it her business to look out for the best interests of her constituents, and it's a pretty safe guarantee that Irey's work for PA-12 will not be tainted with the defeatist rhetoric, aid and comfort that Murtha has lavished upon our enemies that have our soldiers in their crosshairs.
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In another show of "support" for our troops...

The folks at Conservative Army make an interesting observation:
HR #557, War in Iraq Anniversary Resolution
Dated: 03/17/2004
- Recognizes the courage of the Iraqi people
- Expresses gratitude toward US and Coalition Armed Forces in liberating Iraq
Congressman Murtha voted NO
Congressman Murtha and his supporters like to parrot the following:
"There is no one that supports the troops more than Jack Murtha," says Cambria County Controller and Murtha supporter, Ed Cernic Jr. "He goes to visit the troops in the hospital. He fight for them. He has had the troops as his highest priority."
Murtha states he "supports" the troops, yet he can't bring himself to support a resolution that recognizes their accomplishments in Iraq?

Funny way to "support" our troops, Jack. Especially since many of them reside in your own district.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

A soldier takes on Murtha and Moran...

John Murtha loves to state that he does more for the troops than anyone else.

As I said in an earlier post, John Murtha supports our troops like an arsonist supports firefighters..

But I'm not the only one who feels that way... Witness this soldier who calls Murtha and fellow seditionist Congressman Moran to the carpet. The look on Murtha's face alone after this dressing down is worth the price of admission:

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Errr...Mr. Murtha... regarding Baghdad...

BAGHDAD — Operation Together Forward, the Iraqi-led operation to reduce violence in Baghdad, is progressing well and improving the security situation around the Iraqi capital, a Joint Staff official said Aug. 23.

Over the last five weeks, the number of incidents of sectarian violence in Baghdad has decreased steadily, Army Brig. Gen. Michael D. Barbero, deputy director of regional operations for the Joint Staff, said at a Pentagon news conference. This success is a direct result of the efforts and dedication of Iraqis, he said.

“I attribute it to an Iraqi government that has committed itself to ending sectarian violence, and I attribute it to the capability of the Iraqi security forces,” Barbero said. “Two-thirds of the forces on the ground in Baghdad are Iraqi security forces. The feedback … from the population in the areas we’ve cleared are all very positive about removing the threat of this violence, the performance of the Iraqi security forces, and their confidence in the government.”

As the operation progresses, Iraqi forces take more and more responsibility for areas and missions, Barbero said. Last week, Iraqi forces were the lead for security for the annual Shiite pilgrimage to Baghdad, and U.S. leaders say they did a superb job.

Barbero added Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced that Iraqi security forces will be able to assume responsibility for more provinces in the coming year.

“We see continued improvement of the Iraqi security forces -- by now, about 275,000. The numbers, the capability and the equipping increase continuously,” Barbero said.

The operations in Baghdad are important because 90 percent of sectarian violence in Iraq occurs within 30 miles of the city, the general said.

Border operations are also crucial, he explained, as Iranian influence is strong among extremist groups.

Training and equipping border police will do a lot to decrease the Iranian influence, and the U.S. will continue to support the Iraqi border forces as they develop capabilities, Barbero said.

Operations targeting the extremist groups in Baghdad also will help solve the problem of Iran, because it will cut off that country’s direct influence into Iraq, he said.

In addition to targeting extremist groups, the U.S. is working on refocusing the Iraqi Police to hone their civil policing skills, so they will be ready to take over security in the city when operations conclude, Barbero said.

After areas are cleared of violence, civil works and economic development will be brought in to improve the overall situation in the city, he said.

In other news throughout Iraq:

Even though it is not a cake walk by any stretch of the imagination, the job is getting done, both by our troops and the Iraqi soldiers themselves; yet Congressman Murtha still calls for surrender, knowing full well that defeat in Iraq means political advantage for himself and his defeatist democrat brethren.

Citizens of PA 12--does Congressman Jack Murtha really represent your voice?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In his never-ending quest to declare defeat, Murtha will not rest...

Giving more aid and comfort to the enemy than they know what to do with, Murtha again goes on one of his senile rants...
Murtha Sees New Evidence That War Is Going Badly
By Monisha Bansal Staff Writer
August 23, 2006

( - Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), a vocal critic of the Iraq war, is using the news about a recall of discharged Marines as another opportunity to demand an immediate troop withdrawal in Iraq.

For the first time since the Iraq war began, up to 2,500 discharged Marines will be recalled to duty in Iraq and Afghanistan to make up for shortages of specialists, the Boston Globe reported.

"This recall is just another sign of how badly the war in Iraq is going," said Murtha in a statement Wednesday. "Bringing these Marines back to active duty after their tour of service was complete shows we are unable [to] recruit the necessary volunteers to maintain troop levels in our armed forces. It also shows that at a time when we should be bringing our fighting men and women home from Iraq, we're sending more over there," he said.

Murtha said young men and women are not joining the military because of war "mismanagement" and "all the killing and maiming in Iraq." In addition to the recalls, the military also has increased the age limit for soldiers, Murtha noted. "If everything were going as well as predicted or depicted by President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld, we would be fulfilling field commander's (sic) desires of earlier this year to reduce troops. Instead we're going to extraordinary means to increase them," Murtha said.
Well, Mr. Murtha, if our armed forces are so "hard up" for new recruits, how do you explain this?

Aug 11 2006

The Department of Defense has announced its recruiting and retention statistics by the active and reserve components for the month of July. This marks the 14th consecutive month the active duty services have met or exceeded their goals.

Active duty recruiting. All services exceeded their recruiting goals in July.

  • The Army recruited 10,890 out of a goal of 10,450 (104 percent).
  • The Navy recruited 4,043 out of a goal of 4,043 (100 percent).
  • The Marine Corps recruited 3,197 out of a goal of 2,865 (112 percent).
  • The Air Force recruited 2,130 out of a goal of 2,121 (100 percent).

Active duty retention. All services are projected to meet their retention goals for the current fiscal year.

But hey--anything to bring down the troops, eh Jack?
Murtha said young men and women are not joining the military because of war "mismanagement" and "all the killing and maiming in Iraq." In addition to the recalls, the military also has increased the age limit for soldiers, Murtha noted.

Again, how do you explain that they have met and/or exceeded their goals, Hanoi Jane Axis Sally Tokyo Rose Baghdad Bob... errr..Jack Murtha?

You sir, support our troops like an arsonist supports firemen.

The 1,200 troops are needed for strategic reasons, not for numeric reasons:
Marine Col. Guy A. Stratton, the head of the Marines' Manpower Mobilization Section, was quoted as saying that the military needs at least 1,200 Marines to fill certain positions in upcoming deployments.

"Since this is going to be a long war, we thought it was judicious and prudent at this time to be able to use a relatively small portion of those Marines to help us augment our units."

Some of the military needs, he said, include engineers, intelligence, military police and communications.

But let's not let the facts get in the way of an opportunity to bash our troops and their mission, eh Jack Murtha?


Our own Bones, who is a veteran Marine, adds:
It's perfectly normal. Things may have changed inna details since I was in,
but when ya sign up, do your time and get out, you're still obligated to a
two year inactive reserve status. Means you can be called back to active
duty at any time during that two year period. It's not unprecedented.
Usually, only critical MOS's will be recalled.

On the other hand, they've been raising the enlistment/re-enlistment age
requirement more or less steadily over the last few years. With other things
in mind, the DoD is getting the public used to the idea that this is gonna be
a long term war.

And Bush himself never said it was going to be short term.

Welcome Wizbang readers...

Click here for the main page, to see just how Congressman Jack Murtha's rhetoric is dangerous for his largely military constituents in Pennsylvania's 12th district, not to mention dangerous for America. And visit often, because there's lots more to come...
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Keep Fighting the Good Fight

As a Republican, that's the message I take from this USA Today article. I can't say that it surprises me, though. I've never participated in the 'Gloom Parade' that other conservatives have. I knew there would be a bounce for President Bush following the foiling of the terrorist plot in London. My only question was what the size of that bounce would be.
Now 42% of Americans say they approve of the job Bush is doing as president, up 5 points since early this month. His approval rating on handling terrorism is 55%, the highest in more than a year.
I explain the President's jump in handling terrorism by simply saying that his rating dropped at a time of his policies' greatest success. People didn't take his policies seriously because we seemed to be on autopilot, with the world of dangers seemingly contained. When Americans woke up and realized that al Qaida had plotted another extraordinary terrorist attack, and that we'd cooperated with the Brits and Pakistanis to foil it, people snapped back to reality.

A recent poll (I think from CBS but I'm not certain) said that Iraq was the biggest issue for voters at 28%. Terrorism was second at 17%. The thing is that that poll sampled far more Democrats than Republicans. That doesn't mean that that poll doesn't tell us some useful information. What it tells me is that Democrats are rallied when the subject is Iraq because they've become the anti-war party.

What that poll doesn't tell us is that the rest of the people think terrorism is the leading issue of our time. Let me illustrate:

People hear the Agenda Media's reports and have a generally negative perspective on the war. Some think that we should send in more troops. Call that the McCain/Kristol Camp. Others think that we should redeploy to Okinawa and beyond. Call that the Murtha/Pelosi/Lamont Camp. Most people think that the Bush administration made some costly mistakes but they see the importance of staying the course. In other words, they don't like what's been happening there but they'll tolerate it, at least temporarily.

On the other hand, when people hear about a foiled terrorist plot of the magnitude of 9/11, people notice. That type of event gets their full, undivided attention. We snap back to the reality that there's a ton of bad guys out there who want to kill us and we know that the President's policies matter, whether we're talking about the NSA's TSP or the communication between the intelligence community and law enforcement that the Patriot Act legalized.

This issue moves voters because they noticed Democrats rejoicing when Anna Diggs-Taylor ruled that the TSP was unconstitutional. They also noticed that Democrats rejoiced when Harry Reid declared that he'd "killed the Patriot Act" this past December. Here's what Russ Feingold said about the Patriot Act being filibustered
"Today's vote is a great moment for our Constitution and our democracy and a great moment in the fight against terrorism. If you don't have the confidence of the American people when it comes to this fight against terrorism, if they fear that somehow we're going too far and going after the rights of law-abiding citizens, it will weaken our ability to win in that all-important battle."
Focus on the second half of the first sentence. "Today's vote is a great the fight against terrorism." How can anyone take that statement seriously? By letting the Patriot Act lapse, the Gorelick Wall is rebuilt. The Gorelick Wall was the wall that stood in the way of the intelligence community talking with law enforcement. Shame on Sen. Feingold for saying that. He should be ridiculed for such an unserious statement. It's a statement to appease the Nutroots lunatic fringe base, the same group that won the Connecticut Democratic primary for lightweight Ned Lamont.

I'm betting that I'm not the only one who's noticed these things. I'm betting that you saw through these charades, too. I'm betting that the Agenda Media hopes you didn't.

Now it's time to go out and prove the Agenda Media and the Democratic Party that they bet wrong.

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Murtha--getting the "last laugh?"

That's what you'd think if you read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Is Murtha getting the last laugh?

Johnstown Democrat now popular for calling for troop pullout from Iraq

Get a load of that headline. As if seditious rhetoric from an elected official during a time of war is some kind of laughing matter. The rest of the story is nearly a word-for-word rehash of puff pieces that other Pennsylvania rags have run...
...Now, Mr. Murtha is one of the most popular Democrats around. In recent weeks, he has raised money for Democrats campaigning in New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and California. In Tennessee, he was former Vice President Al Gore's guest at a fundraiser for local Democrats. After Labor Day, Mr. Murtha will head back out on the road, helping up to four dozen candidates.
Wait a minute. Is Murtha ignoring his constituents in his district and campaigning for over 40 out-of-state and out-of-district democrats, or is he not?

Mr. Murtha said he was too old to consider running for president, but that he'd try to become majority leader if Democrats gained the 15 seats they needed to take charge of the House.

"I'm on a mission here, and the mission is to help change the direction of the country," he said.

Murtha's said this again and again. The only mission that Congressman John P. Murtha is on is to further his own political career.

End of story.

All the puff pieces put out by all the liberal rags in the world will not change that basic fact, nor the fact that Jack Murtha is willing to do anything he can to further his political career, including selling out our troops and their mission in Iraq, and including taking his own constituents for granted.

Again, hardly a "laughing matter."


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Murtha-Driven Talking Points (And Other Troubling Matters)

This morning, I was shocked to see UFPJ supporting Amy Klobuchar's campaign. I've written about UFPJ's work before here. Now they're using John Murtha's own words in their campaign to end the war in Iraq. Here's what they're saying:
Talking Points: Haditha Massacre
U.S. Marines killed 24 innocent, unarmed men, women, and children of Haditha intentionally and without cause in Haditha, a city in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. Afterward, the Marines lied to cover up their actions by claiming they were under attack. Higher-ups in the military also tried to cover it up until revelations in the media forced them to conduct a serious investigation.

Afterward, the Marines lied to cover up their actions by claiming they were under attack. Higher-ups in the military also tried to cover it up until revelations in the media forced them to conduct a serious investigation.
In the Marines’ story the eight helpless men they slaughtered became "insurgents." The other 16, necessarily "civilians" because of age or sex, they first claimed were also victims of the same IED; later, some were supposed to have been "collateral damage" of a supposed "exchange of gunfire" with said "insurgents."
Unfortunately for them, a journalism student took photographs of the bodies in the Haditha morgue that showed victims shot in the head from close range in execution-style killings. Nothing forced the Marines to kill these Iraqis.
According to Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), a former marine, a military investigation of the incident expected to be released next week will show that marines killed innocent civilians in Haditha and tried to cover up the deaths. When Chris Matthews of MSNBC’ "Hardball" tried to spin the incident, Murtha calmly corrected him and said, no, there was no battle, no exchange of gunfire, no explosion, the troops killed 24 people "in cold blood." When Matthews asked him if this was like My Lai, Murtha said it was.
UFPJ is vehemently opposed to war in all its forms. They also lobbied against renewing the Patriot Act. UFPJ's lobbying against the Patriot Act is additional proof that UFPJ isn't interested in protecting us from terrorists. We also know that John Murtha voted against renewing the Patriot Act. I think it's reasonable to think that Murtha's voting against the Patriot Act was a result of UFPJ's lobbying against renewal. We certainly can't rule that out. This leads to some troubling questions for Murtha to answer:
  • Why would John Murtha oppose renewing the Patriot Act? The thought of not giving these tools to law enforcement is unimaginable. The thought of rebuilding the Gorelick Wall, which legally prevented Able Danger from telling the FBI about Mohammed Atta, should scare every American.
  • How much influence does UFPJ have on John Murtha? To those who are looking, it appears as though they wield alot of influence on him.
  • Doesn't John Murtha care that UFPJ is using his words to brand these Marines as war criminals?
The people of southwest Pennsylvania, especially active duty and reservist military personnel, have a right to know why John Murtha is fighting a daily battle against their causes.

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Just who doesn't get what?

In a stunt of unbeliveable arrogance, Jack Murtha today claims that Bush "doesn't get it" when it comes to Iraq!

Contact: Ed Mitchell of Murtha for Congress, 570-826-6115 or

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Aug. 22 /U.S. Newswire/ -- President George W. Bush "just doesn't get it" when it comes to the war in Iraq, according to U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha, (D-Pa.).

"The President's attacks against Democratic Party critics of the war at his news conference Monday fail to recognize the reality of the catastrophe that is occurring daily in Iraq because of the war," he said.

"Last month was the bloodiest month of the war with almost 3,500 Iraqi civilians and dozens of American soldiers being massacred. The President's stubborn decision to stay the course and insist that American troops will not be brought home while he is president ignores the suffering and damage that is going on there.

I'm sorry, but the arrogance of this vile pig never ceases to amaze me!

"Even our own military leaders and leading elected officials in the Republican Party are now calling the conflict a civil war. Sixty percent of the America people say they want an end to this war sooner rather than later. But President Bush seems out of touch with all this.

"Instead of deterring terrorism, our policies are fostering it. America is not safer because of the Iraqi war.

As I have said time and time again, during a time of war, our enemies have not known this level of aid and comfort from an elected official--ever!

Does Jack Murtha for one second think that the violence will stop when we leave? Does Jack Murtha for one second really think that our soldiers being there is the cause for the violence (Judging by what he just said, that is a safe assumption). Does Jack Murtha for one second really think that if we cut and run, the majority of Iraqis who want freedom and the small minority of Islamofascists who want to live under Sharia Law will suddenly hug each other and live in an era of blissful peace?

Does Jack Murtha for one second really think that Iraq will not become a safe haven for terrorists to base their operations if we cut and run before the job of containing them is done?

The Islamo-fascists that our soldiers and the Iraqi troops are fighting in Iraq are in the fight for their lives right now, and they know it.

But all the Islamo-fascists need to fight on is the knowledge that there are useful idiots like Jack Murtha around to pull for them; knowing that if they hang on just a little longer, kill a little more, they will be able to "wait out" American resolve and Iraq will be theirs for the taking.

President Bush knows this and gets it.

It's too bad for our troops, and too bad for the Iraqis that the seditious Jack P. Murtha doesn't.

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...Pot to kettle: "QUIT CALLING ME BLACK!"

Democrats are famous for their ability to turn anything, I mean anything--into something political. Despite their daily virulent attacks on our President and his policies, they run home to Momma and hide behind her skirt when an ounce of honest criticism comes their way.

Even when you're civil with them, they have an uncanny manner of turning it against you. Give them an inch, they'll take a light year. I present the following as an example (all emphases mine):

DNC: Bush Renounces Smears, But Will Cheney, Rove and Mehlman Follow?

8/21/2006 3:39:00 PM

To: National Desk, Political Reporter

Contact: Stacie Paxton of the Democratic National Committee Staff, 202-863-8148

WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was released today by the Democratic National Committee:

During today's news conference, President Bush pledged not to attack the patriotism of his critics. This stunning reversal comes after years of work by the President and his top surrogates and strategists to smear anyone who disagrees with the President or challenges his policies.

"President Bush seems to have turned over a new leaf today with his claim that he will not attack the patriotism of those who disagree with him," said DNC Communications Director Karen Finney, "If the President is sincere, he should have his GOP hatchet men like Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman also stop attacking the patriotism of those who disagree with the Bush Administration's failed policies in Iraq and agree to provide the American people an honest debate based on the facts on the ground."

Bush's "new tone" has set the standard for much of his administration. Despite daily and even hourly smears against his character by the DNC, Bush has, for the overwhelming majority of his presidency, chosen the "high road." While I applaud Bush's civility in such matters, civility, in and of itself, does not confront what is clearly wrong. Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade and confront wrong by calling it clearly what it is.

President Bush: I will never question the patriotism of somebody who disagrees with me. (Press Conference, 8/21/06)


Bush Campaign Surrogate Scott O'Grady Charged Kerry With "Treason." Scott O'Grady, an Air Force pilot who survived being shot down over Bosnia in 1995, said that Kerry committed "treason" during the Vietnam War during an appearance coordinated by the Bush re-election campaign with other military veterans in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Associated Press, 8/14/04)

Bush Refused to Specifically Condemn Swift Boat Attack Ad. According to the New York Times, "Bush put his remarks about the advertisement by the Swift boat group in the context of his previous calls for a ban on advertisements from third-party groups known as 527's, using large, unlimited donations. Only when pressed by reporters whether he specifically meant the commercial from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, did he say 'all of them.' 'I don't think we ought to have 527's,' Mr. Bush said. His press secretary, Scott McClellan, said Mr. Bush had not intended to single out the Swift boat advertisement as one that should be stopped." The Times also stated that when asked "the first of several questions about the Swift boat advertisement, Mr. Bush ignored the query and instead responded, 'I think we ought to be debating who best to be leading this country in the war against terror. And that's what I'll continue to try to convince the American people of, is that I'm the right person to continue to lead the country.'" Bush "did not criticize the Swift boat group or address the content of the advertisement." (New York Times, 8/24/04)

Bush never said that he would strive to quell the political free speech of others, did he? Did Bush have the right to quell the free speech of a "campaign surrogate"? And even more importantly, was Bush's surrogate correct in his assertions?

I think so.

There is absolutely no way to retract what John Kerry said when he sold out his fellow soldiers who served in Viet Nam (in much the same manner as John Murtha sold out his fellow Marines this past May) :
"They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country."
Yes, John Kerry was a traitor to the vast majority of soldiers who served honorably and selflessly during the most thankless of American conflicts.

Republican Party Chairman Marc Racicot Accused Daschle Of Blaming America. On March 17, 2003, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) pointed out that on the Iraq issue, President Bush "couldn't create the kind of diplomatic effort that was so critical for our country." Republican National Committee Chairman Marc Racicot equated Daschle's criticism with criticism of our country. Racicot released a statement saying, "It is disheartening and shameful for Senator Daschle, who has previously advocated and authorized the use of force in Iraq, to now blame America first. I urge all Americans to reject such divisive and brazen political posturing." (Washington Times, 3/21/03; RNC News Release, 3/17/03)

And your point is? Again, does the truth hurt, DNC? You are, after all, the party that blames America first! There is absolutely no hiding from that fact!

And the "piece de resistence"...


Rove Said Murtha Advocates "Cutting and Running" Because of Iraq Criticism. In a speech to New Hampshire Republican officials here Monday night, the White House deputy chief of staff attacked Democrats who have criticized the U.S. war effort in Iraq, such as Sen. John F. Kerry and Rep. John P. Murtha (Pa.), who he said advocate "cutting and running." "They may be with you for the first shots," Rove said of such opponents. "But they're not going . . . to be with you for the tough battles." (Washington Post, 6/13/06)

RNC Attacked Vietnam Veteran Jack Murtha For Criticizing the Bush Administration on Iraq. The Republican National Committee launched a direct assault against Murtha on its Web site, featuring his "Democrat Cut-and-Run Tour of America" and a map of the United States flying little white flags. (Salon, 8/4/06)

RNC Said Jack Murtha Claims America Is More Dangerous Than Iran and North Korea. In a fundraising email from August 9, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman wrote that: "The message from Connecticut is clear, and Ned Lamont isn't alone. He is joined by Rep. John Murtha. who claims America is more dangerous than Iran and North Korea." (RNC Email, 8/9/06)(Read the remainder of the article here)

And John Murtha did say that--Murtha cited a supposed poll that people in other countries think that the U.S. is more dangerous than Iran and North Korea. The thing about it is, Murtha has never recanted the wrong-headedness of the poll which he cited. He has never voiced one word of disagreement with the flawed and total wrongheadedness of the content of the poll's assertions.

I'm sorry, but the constant barrage of attacks regarding our nation's war efforts, not to mention the aid and comfort given our enemies, chronicled by Murtha, Kerry, Pelosi--you name it--is unprecedented.

The democrats, including one Congressman Jack P. Murtha, are not only trying to deride our military's efforts in Iraq, but they are a party that is banking on our very defeat in our struggle against terrorism, in hopes that such a defeat will somehow thrust them into power in the 2006 and 2008 elections!!!

Did you get that? They are actually banking on (and encouraging through their rhetoric and demagoguery) American defeat during a time of war to further their political ambitions!

Is that unpatriotic? You're damn right it is unpatriotic!

President Bush may continue to take the "high road" if he wants, but for myself I am going to continue to call a spade a spade.

The democrat party, including one Jack Murtha, is for anything that will put them back in positions of power. If they have to undermine our war effort and national security in order to do it, so be it.

That, my friends, not only begs one to question their patriotism, it screams it.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

More bad news for Murtha...

Well, any good news out of Iraq is bad news for Jack Murtha, whose whole raison d'etre this past year has been based on banking on failure for our troops and their mission, by saying that the Iraqis don't want us there, the Armed forces are broken--we can't accomplish anything there anymore--you know the drill.

Sorry, Mr. Murtha. This won't help your cause: (emphases mine)
Monday, 21 August 2006
Locals gather as Soldiers of the 445th Civil Affairs Battalion hand out food items in Baghdad recently. Department of Defense photo by Staff Sgt. Russell Klika.
Locals gather as Soldiers of the 445th Civil Affairs Battalion hand out food items in Baghdad recently. Department of Defense photo by Staff Sgt. Russell Klika.
Efforts this week to quell violence in the capital city are showing signs of progress, but Coalition leaders say the battle is far from over.

“Abating the extremists in the capital will neither be easy nor rapid,” Multi-National Force - Iraq spokesman Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV said this week of progress in the capital city. “Challenges will ensue, but efforts will march forward block by block.”

U.S. and Iraqi forces have been conducting combined missions in Baghdad as part of Operation Together Forward, an Iraqi-led campaign to reduce violence in the capital, while at the same time promoting economic incentives, civic action projects and the control of illegal weapons.

This past week, Iraqi and Coalition forces concentrated on four major Baghdad hot spots – mostly in the western part of the city – in an effort to reduce the number of murders, kidnappings, assassinations and car bombs in those areas. Operations in the al-Doura neighborhood of southern Baghdad continued to build on the improved security established over the past two weeks.

The operations in western Baghdad are led by the Soldiers from the 6th Iraqi Army Division and policemen from the 2nd Iraqi National Police Division, supported by Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team and 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

Approximately 6,000 additional Iraqi Security Forces were sent to the Multi-National Division - Baghdad area of operations in support of Operation Together Forward, as well as approximately 3,500 Soldiers of 172nd SBCT, and 2,000 Soldiers from the 2nd BCT.

According to the Coalition commander responsible for operations in Baghdad, the concept essentially calls on Coalition and Iraqi forces to cordon off an area and search each street, house by house.

Maj. Gen. James Thurman, commander of Multi-National Division - Baghdad, this week said he is optimistic about what he has seen since operations to quell sectarian violence started.

“Security in Baghdad is the top priority for everyone working in Operation Together Forward,” added Col. Robert Scurlock, commander of the 1st Armored Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team. “Iraqi security forces and Coalition forces are working side by side every day to increase security in Baghdad and help the Iraqi people return to a more normal domestic life.”

Operations in the capital city have not only been successful in the security arena, but also in terms of developing relationships between the Iraqi people and Iraqi security forces, added Col. Michael Beech, commander of 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

Caldwell added that the most significant developments are less easily measured.

“What really matters is the number of businesses that reopened and will remain open, the refurbished stalls … in the marketplace there,” said the general. “The drainage has improved. The rubbish is removed. And of course, like we’d all like to see, the number of children that you can see during their summer break out riding their bikes and playing in the streets.”

Caldwell said operations look beyond short-term security concerns. The mantra is “clear, hold, rebuild.” Iraqi and Coalition forces clear neighborhoods and hold them so terrorists cannot come back, and they invest in rebuilding essential services and stimulating economic growth.

“The military forces, the Iraqi security forces, the Coalition support can help set the stage for peace to occur, but they cannot achieve peace,” he said. “It’s going to take all the other factors. It’s going to take the economics; it’s going to take the governance; and, most importantly, it’s going to take the will of the Iraqi people to make this both work and sustain itself. But they’ve absolutely got the commitment.”

In Ameriya -- a key neighborhood in western Baghdad -- more than 50 percent of the shops in the market were re-opened after Iraqi and Coalition forces joined this week to squelch the violence in that neighborhood, Iraqi Army Brig. Gen. Abdul Jaleel said during a press conference Aug. 16.

The fact that our soldiers are staying the course allows Iraqis to trust our soldiers more and more each day:
One indicator that the Iraqi people trust their security forces more is the increase in communication between the people and the Iraqi Police, explained Beech. He said the Iraqi brigade commander in his area has been receiving more and more phone calls from concerned citizens with tips, and imams of the local mosques are talking to him more readily.

As the security plan for Baghdad moves forward, and Iraqi citizens gain trust in their security forces, operations are beginning to see tangible results.

In addition to large munitions cache discoveries, this week Iraqi and Coalition forces thwarted a number of kidnapping attempts, captured several key insurgent leaders and numerous terrorist suspects, and sponsored several civic and humanitarian-assistance projects to help provide for the needs of Baghdad residents.

In phone conversations with my son, he is also telling me how the locals in his area are helping coalition soldiers with increasing numbers of tips of where the bad guys are hiding, where the weapons caches are, etc.

Now, if John Murtha's rhetoric rules the day, how willing do you think the locals are going to be to help our troops (and the Iraqi Army, for that matter) if they think that we will soon cut and run, leaving their families vulnerable to retailiation?

Yes, John Murtha's rhetoric is nothing less than dangerous to our troops, dangerous to their mission, and dangerous to our long-term security goals.

If you think otherwise, you are nothing less than in denial.

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