Thursday, November 29, 2007

Whatcha gonna do now, fatboy?

Looks like yet another Haditha Marine will soon be found innocent (all emphases mine):
(U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Jeffrey) Chessani was charged for dereliction of duty and violation of a lawful order. Specifically, prosecutors accuse him of failure to report or investigate the killings of Iraqi civilians, which would be a violation of war by Marines under his command. He faces up to 30 months in prison and dishonorable discharge from the Marines, if convicted.

In a sworn statement in August 2006, Chessani said the killing of civilians was unfortunate but he did not consider the shooting incident to be out of the ordinary or beyond routine combat.

It is a military order that commanders report to their superiors any time their subordinates violate the laws of war.

Chessani reported the incident on the day it happened, but prosecutors claim he did not report it to officials high enough in the chain of command, Rooney said. Further, it happened during combat and thus was not a violation of war, said Rooney.
"A U.S. Army colonel and an Army general conducted two separate investigations and came to the same conclusion: There was no 'massacre' and no 'cover-up,'" said the law center's president, Richard Thompson, in a statement.

"Yet the government still pursued a multi-million dollar investigation in order to appease an anti-war politician and the blame-America-first media. Now we have the absurd situation of Lt. Col. Chessani being charged with failing to report and investigate a crime that never occurred," Thompson added.

The "anti-war politician" referred to by Thompson is Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.), a retired Marine colonel who became a vocal critic of the Iraq war in 2005.

In May 2006, Murtha said at a Capitol Hill press conference: "There was no firefight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

As chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and the Subcommittee on Defense, Murtha wields power over defense spending and that power potentially could influence the investigation and case against Ware, according to the law center.

In addition to Murtha, the law center's legal motions name other officials who supposedly biased the case, including Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) who, in 2006, was chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and vowed to hold hearings on the matter; Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), who compared Haditha to the My Lai massacre of Vietnam; and U.S. Navy Secretary Donald Winter, who also made comments that potentially could pre-judge the case, said Rooney.

"They all showed a bias that these men were guilty before an investigation was complete," Rooney told Cybercast News Service .

"It's frustrating to me, as a former Marine, that a lot of reporters, media types, and politicians have the worldview from the 1960s that never changed. They wanted to make this the new My Lai because they have tried from the beginning to make this the new Vietnam," he said.
And so it goes. As has been shown time and time again on this blog, Murtha opened his fat piehole and sold fellow Marines down the river so as to endear himself to those who he thought would give him a ticket to the Majority Leader gig in the U.S. House.

And now the chickens have come home to roost.

Will Murtha now apologize, or will he continue to cut and run from his responsibility in the matter?
A spokesman from Murtha's office could not be reached for comment on this story, nor could a spokesman from Warner's office.
What a freakin' surprise.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As the previous post on MurthaMustGo indicates, the US is WINNING THE WAR IN IRAQ. That has put anti-military Democrats like Murtha, Obey, Reid, and Pelosi in a panic. Might we expect Jack Murtha to admit soon that he was "for the war before he was against it before he was for it again?"

The election is far away (11 months) and Johnstown, PA is entering its usual long, cold winter, but the Russell Campaign is heating up. Today I put the following on one of my sites in an effort to continue our great momentum:



IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BLOG (YET), YOU CAN JOIN THE GROUP BY SENDING YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. (I have another column today on my SmartPolitics101 about making sure the Russell Campaign is financially strong. I urge you to visit.

(Here's an excerpt from today's column in SmartPolitics101):

(In short, Murtha gives lobbyists and companies your tax money -- and they give him a chunk back as a "contribution." William Russell, an honest man, won't be doing any of that. Lt. Col. Russell is not some rich guy. He's an Army brat who served his entire adult life as a soldier -- in unfriendly venues like Desert Storm, the Balkans, Iraqi Freedom , and the Pentagon on 9/11.)

MurthaMustGo contributors and visitors are the political "special forces," and it's up to us to send Murtha into "early retirement." It will take a country-wide effort to do so, but if we each do our part, "the long national nightmare" in the 12th Congressional District will come to an abrupt end on Election Day, 2008. Thanks for your help.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jack Murtha: Moving the Goal Posts?

Things have inarguably been going much better in Iraq since the advent of the surge, and the efforts of our troops have been bearing fruit. But when the victory of his fellow Marines means a political shellacking for Jack Murtha, does he celebrate their successes?

Hell no.

He just moves the goal posts.

Pretty pathetic, no?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just to let you know exactly what kind of a thug Jack Murtha is, I'm reprinting this from my other blog, on which I write regularly about politics in the 12th congressional district of PA.



Murtha's Culture of Dependence, Surrender


Stephen R. MaloneyAmbridge, PA

Note: You may contribute to or volunteer for the Russell Crusade by going to Another site you will want to see is: When you go to the latter, scroll down to see the comments by USMC hero Justin Sharratt, whom Murtha falsely accused of murder. You can contribute to Russell by going to directly to this link.

A Moment to Remember

A Moment to Rember

I thought I was there to support the Congressional campaign of William Trower Russell. I now know it is much more. When I stepped out of the warm RV into the cold Shanksville, Pa morning I was greeted by a friendly voice. A local resident, with a flashlight, was there to give me a tour of his sacred ground. He walked me into the cold, dark November morning to the edge of a cornfield. Shining his light into the distance I could only imagine the charred, mangled wreckage of Flight 93. He shared with me his recollections of that fateful day in September, 2001. He described the carnage visited upon an unprepared America

The resident, whose name now eludes me, sat me down on a bench inscribed with the name of Todd Beamer. He doesn’t want the government to erect a cold, inanimate monument on this site. The American people have already immortalized this sacred site. With the light of the flashlight leading the way he walked me down a make shift wall. A wall lined with the offerings of a caring America. The hats, license plates, t-shirts and messages from a caring nation. We only touched the thousands of trinkets left by the visitors. Trying not to disturb their final resting place.

As dawn broke, our group gathered for prayer. I cried, many of us cried. Most of my tears were for the brave souls who perished on Flight 93. Some, I think were for the living. I embraced William Russell and thanked him for his service to our country. The reality of the moment finally struck me. Our nation has become complacent since 9/11. Our politicians do not see a need for secured borders, a strong military and a victory in Iraq. This man, William Trower Russell, sees the need, he knows the need.

The days ahead will be long and hard. William Russell needs your vote, he needs your support. I have gotten to know this man. In the next year you will come to know this man. He is what America needs. Embrace his message, join his election campaign. William Trower Russell, make him your Congressman from the 12th Congressional District.


Darryl R Sharratt

Monday, November 19, 2007

Political Guerilla Warfare: Sending Murtha on His Way

Here’s a major mystery for you.

In my own Pennsylvania congressional district (the 4th, west and north of Pittsburgh), the number of votes cast in 2006 were just over 230,000. However, in the 12th District (south and west of Pittsburgh) – the one represented by John Murtha – there were only 200,000 votes.

What happened to the other 30,000 votes in the 12th? After all, every congressional district has about the same number of people (just under 700,000). So why are there dramatically fewer votes in the 12th?

There are several related reasons. One is that there more unregistered adults in the 4th. Another is that many people there don’t exercise their right to vote.Why don’t they? In their heart of hearts, many residents don’t believe their votes really count.

Sadly, they’re more right than wrong.In John Murtha’s own Johnstown and surrounding Cambria County. Generally, the only people – with rare exceptions – who get elected to office are Democrats. In most cases, Democrat officeholders run either unopposed or with token opposition.

In Murtha’s case, he’s “served” the people of the 12th District for 35 years. He almost never has anything like serious opposition. A partial exception was in 2006 when Diana Lynn Irey ran an intense campaign against Murtha, getting nearly 80,000 votes. Murtha got roughly 120,000 votes.

In many ways, Diana, my dear friend and political ally, out-campaigned Murtha. For example, she got a total of 7,000 contributions that came from every state in the Union. In contrast, Murtha got 6,500 contributions, although his average donations were much larger than Diana’s.

So, how on earth can William Trower Russell compete with Murtha? One way is to focus on all those unregistered (or registered but non-voting) people in the 12th.In my previous column,

Earlier, I've mentioned “Mel” (Melanie), an unregistered voter who favors Trower Russell. There are tens of thousands of people like her in the 12th. Trower and his supporters need to get them identified, registered, and committed to his campaign.

People like Melanie recognize that much of what Murtha has supposedly “done” for Johnstown and the 12th consists of government handouts. When Murtha is gone, the annual handouts will go with him.In short, he has done nothing to help ensure that communities get permanent, sustainable jobs. What he’s “accomplished” is to hand out hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to companies that pay him off with lavish campaign donations.

(Read the Seattle Times "favor factory" story on how Murtha trades your tax dollars for campaign contributions.)

What he does is legal, but of course it's highly immoral.William Russell differs from Murtha in that he wants to bring REAL jobs to the 12th District – not government-financed, make work jobs. Frankly, most companies – the ones that provide lifetime employment – want nothing to do with a district represented by a corrupt, bullying tax-and-spend liberal like Murtha.

In my chat with Melanie last week, I said, “You know that eventually all those ‘jobs’ Murtha created are going to dry up?” Melanie, a wise young woman, said: “Bingo. You got that right.”If William and his supporters – of whom I’m certainly one – establish a strong, continuing voter registration program, it will be possible to eliminate a significant portion of Murtha’s lead.

In short, voter registration is a key. The Russell campaign can do so by telling potential voters this: “It’s true that in the past your vote didn’t count. But there’s a ‘new Sheriff in town,’ and this time your vote is going to make a real difference."

Every weekend between now and the election, Trower and his supporters must be out registering -- and energizing -- potential supporters. There will have to be some handholding that might involve taking people to registration centers through the 12th.

In general, every new voter added with bring along at least one more voter -- sometimes a spouse, sometimes a friend from work or school, and sometimes a neighbor. Register 10,000 new votes and, almost magically, the "synergy" results in about 20,000 votes

A few thousand votes here -- and a few thousand votes there -- and William Trower Russell and all those who believe in safeguarding American security can perform a victory dance next November 5, 2008.

Please consider contributing to Trower Russell's effort. You can do so by visiting his site. Please consider doing so.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Help Trower Russell Beat Murtha -- Now!

"You gotta shake everybody's hand." (John Congemi, former Univ. of Pittsburgh football star)

If you blog, please join the many bloggers for Russell. Do so by e-mailing Steve at or leave a comment at Steve's other web site.

This is an absolutely crucial time for Lt. Col. Trower Russell's campaign against John Murtha. This is the period where Trower and his campaign manager, Larry Stiles (USMC), will establish the foundation for victory. These two fine men have gone "above and beyond the call of duty," and they must ask the same of you and their other supporters. The best way to know what to do and when to do it is to go to Trower Russell's site.

Over the next week, I'll be writing here and on my other blog, and I hope you'll be reading.

William Trower Russell's initial campaign tour will begin with a short prayer at the Flight 93 Memorial with stops in Boswell, Latrobe, Uniontown, Waynesburg, Washington, Arnold, Ford City, Indiana and Johnstown. Russell's website will chronicle Russell's travels across the 12th District with descriptions from the candidate himself.

If you live outside the 12th congressional district of PA, please start searching you mind to see if you know anyone who lives in or near the towns listed above (in the following counties: Cambria, Washington, and Greene). If you do, please contact them and ask them to support one of America’s true “Warriors,” Lt. Col. William Trower Russell.

"I want to Turn the Tide in the 12th District for our nation’s security and our economic future. I am looking forward to speaking with folks all over our district and sharing ideas on how we can make this happen," said Russell. "I'm very sure we will have fun along the way!"

On my other blog, I wrote about the Campaign dinner/meeting held on Thursday in Johnstown. It was an inspiring event, and the optimism was at a very high level. On Monday and Tuesday, I’ll be writing on the following subject: “John Murtha: Bringing Home the Bacon – or Bringing Home American Soldiers in Body Bags?” In fact, to gain political advantage among left-leaning Democrats, Murtha has put at risk American lives.

Obviously, this will not be a campaign that emphasizes political niceties.

If you want to see what I mean about Murtha's deplorable actions against American fighting men and fighting women, scroll down to see Sean Hannity's interview of Justin Sharratt and his dad. Justin Sharratt is a hero, and Murtha accused him -- falsely -- of war crimes.

This a campaign that pits an American hero, Trower Russell, against one of the most cynical, corrupt politicians ever to haunt the halls of Congress. Because the residents of the 12th congressional district are basically good people, they will in the end send Trower Russell to the House of Representatives. At the same time, you can send Murtha where he belongs: into oblivion.

Right now, in the early stages of the campaign, financial contributions are very important. They will help the Russell Effort to establish the basics – like telephones, get-acquainted trips throughout the district, brochures, and yard signs.

Money will not be a problem for Murtha. He sells out only to the highest bidders. But Trower Russell is not for sale. Go to opensecrets (click on link & look at 2008 numbers) and see who Murtha has already sold out to in the current campaign.

There’s a famous saying that “freedom isn’t free.” The same is true of a major campaign against a n amoral,, entrenched figure like John Murtha. Any amount of support you can give will be very welcome.

I’m launching an effort that will go on until Dec. 15 to get patriotic Americans to contribute in remembrance of 9/11/2001, when William and his wife Kasia were both in the Pentagon when the hijacked plane struck. Please go to William’s web site and contribute either $9.11 or $20.01.

If you combine the numbers, they add up to $29.12.

If you have the means to do so, please consider supporting the campaign with contributions of $25, $50, $100, or more. The limit for an individual in this phase of the election cycle is $2300. But please remember that a contribution of any size will we welcome.

This campaign isn't going to waste a single dollar. The main effort will be on identifying and recruiting volunteers – perhaps 1,000 of them. I intend to spend several days in the 12th congressional district going door-to-door. I hope you’ll consider joining me.

Thanks for your support of William "Trower" Russell, a superb American.

Stephen R. Maloney
Ambridge, PA

Monday, November 12, 2007

Marine Corps Birthday Ball

I will start my entry onto this blog with a totally humbling experience. My wife, son and I attended the 232nd Marine Corps Birthday Ball this past Saturday. We met past, present and a future Marine at the Ball. It was a memorable occasion. The support shown to us by the attendees was enormous.

My son, Justin and another Iraq veteran seemed to be the center of attention. It is this "other" Marine I would like to speak about. Anthony is a Marine Sgt who served with 3/25 in a deployment to Haditha. His unit served in theater prior to the arrival of Justin's unit 3/1 in September, 2005. Anthony was injured in an IED blast and was transported back to the states. In the months after his injuries, Anthony has undergone 19 surgeries to repair his lower torso. He cannot go through airport metal detectors without setting off the scanners due to the remaining shrapnel in his body. Anthony went through months of rehabilitation and is able to move around without the help of exterior devices. He still has multiple surgies ahead of him to remove the remaining shrapel and to replace a disk in his back. Through all the pain and suffering he had to endure, he still had that look in his eyes and a determination chiseled on his face. Anthony is a proud Marine, he is an American hero. In our hour long conversation he showed no signs of bitterness, just a strong will to serve his country and defend our freedoms. These words will remain with me forever- The only thing he regrets is he will no longer be able to join his Marine comrades in their next deployment.

Darryl R Sharratt

Veterans Votes Disappearing?

From Gathering of Eagles:
Veterans’ Votes Disappear

Last Tuesday, 6 November, 2007, was Election Day here in Philadelphia. On an
average Election Day there are between 100 and 150 absentee ballots
from active duty service members. This election there were 8. Maybe
only 8 men and women voted. Maybe this is much ado about nothing, but it does seem suspicious. Special Forces officer David Oh was on the ballot for a City Council At-Large seat. It is a close election. Votes are still being tallied. Currently only about a dozen votes separate him and his challenger.

We are actively soliciting anyone from Philadelphia, PA who has a relative serving overseas. If any of them voted we would like to know. Please contact us with their names so we can check them against the list of absentee ballots. If service men or women were denied their right to vote, while actively helping to preserve democracy, we will not stand idly by. Put out the word. Email your lists and call your
friends. It is time for us, the Gathering of Eagles, to say we will not allow any ill treatment to befall our brave men and women in uniform. It is time for us to say, this is our line in the sand. This far, and no farther. Manchu.

Chris Hill

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Veteran's Day Message from Lt. Col. Russell

This guy's a world away from John Murtha...

He's actually got morals...
Vietnam Veterans: Turning the Tide in the War Against Islamic Radicalism.

They come wearing motorcycle leather and business suits. They sport crew cuts and ponytails, some wearing long un-trimmed beards, others clean shaven. They park their Harley’s, Gold Wings, and three wheelers in rows flying the Stars and Strips and the black POW/MIA flags. Many bear scars and tattoos commemorating their service in Vietnam.

They often come to stand guard over the memorial bearing the names of their comrades who fell during the long years of their generation’s war to prevent the anti-war protesters of today’s struggle from defacing it, again.

Upon meeting veterans of the current war against Radical Islam, many of whom are young enough to be their grandsons, they wrap them in bear hugs and say “Welcome Home, Brother.”

They are now the older brothers of our Brotherhood of Arms. These are the men who so many of my generation looked up to as the heroes who were betrayed. They fought an unpopular and ugly war that did have a purpose in the world wide struggle against communism, against an enemy who remained faceless in the jungles of a far off land. But that purpose is so often hidden or disregarded in the movies, history books, and writings since. They bear the unseen scars of coming home from their war only to be welcomed in San Francisco and New York and many college campuses with protests and taunts of “Baby Killer!” and “Murderer.” The anger of having one of the most famous starlets of their generation go to the home of the enemy they were fighting and provide aid and encouragement to that enemy runs deep. The hurt of having one who stood among their ranks for a short period of time, sit before the Congressional Committees and lie about atrocities they did not commit, be rewarded with election to the United States Congress and Senate and a run for the highest office of this land, runs deeper.

The fruits of their spilled blood, lost brethren, and military victories against the communists in the TET Offensive of 1968 (when they effectively destroyed the Viet Cong), the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) led Offensive in 1972 (when they destroyed the offensive capability of the NVA) were lost to the political defeats here at home which led to the fall of Saigon in 1975. The anti-war movement, combined with the fall out of the Watergate scandal led to the election of a strong anti-war Democratic majority in the House and Senate in 1974. Those majorities cut off all funding to the South Vietnamese government and prevented any reinforcement by American forces. The results were the footage of American Marines pushing back the last hopeful refugees atop the US Embassy building in Saigon as the last helicopter headed out to sea, the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese in “re-education camps,” the flotillas of millions of “boat people,” and the murder of millions more in the killing fields of Cambodia.

But once again, the real heroes of that generation are stepping up and are looking out for their little Brothers and Sisters who are fighting in a far off land. They know this enemy here at home and they are watching the backs of their younger siblings. They are not allowing this anti-war movement to go unanswered. They are stepping up to speak the truth about the self described “heroes” of their generation, and prevented one from becoming President. They are standing on street corners near Walter Reed, in West Chester, PA and Berkley, CA to counter Code Pink and other anti-war protesters. They form the core of groups like the Patriot Guard Riders, who ride in processions to welcome home the fallen and protect their families from the most despicable of anti-war protesters who show up at the funerals. The Free Republic “Freepers” stand vigil outside Walter Reed to cheer our Wounded Warriors on Friday nights to let them know the Code Pink protesters across the street do not speak for the people of this nation. The Gathering of Eagles organizes pro-troop counter protests to the anti-war protesters and stand toe to toe with them. Then there are the motorcycle clubs like the Rolling Thunder and the Nam Knights who stand vigil over the memorials to prevent further defacement and insults to their fallen brothers and sisters. And there are the USO volunteers who greet service men and women returning from overseas at airports across the country to let them know they are appreciated.

Their war was lost to the betrayal of so-called peaceniks, who by design or default, played into the hands of the enemy and gave away victory. They will not allow the terrible results of such a betrayal to be visited on their younger Brothers and Sisters. So they come and they stand for them on the National Mall with Gold Star Parents and Spouses among their ranks, where our Soldiers in uniform cannot show up to face down the anarchists, socialists, and misguided angels of the “peace” movement. They welcome us home with cheers, hugs, goody-bags, and tears at Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, and Baltimore and so many other airports. They send letters and care packages to our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen at sea and in hostile theaters. They fly the Stars and Stripes proudly and will not stand by idly to watch it burned. Finally, they pray for victory and safe return of the new generations of Warriors. The Veterans of Vietnam are ensuring the safety our nation and its soldiers in the current fight by not allowing this war to be lost at home. As the current generation fights to protect our nation from physical attack, the Vietnam Veterans are engaged in the struggle for our nation’s heart and soul, and they are turning the tide.

Just as my older Brothers in Arms welcomed me and so many of my Brothers and Sisters of my generation home, I want to say to them as individuals and as a group: “Thank you for being home, Brother, and watching over me.”

William T Russell

William Russell is a veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom, Desert Storm, and the Pentagon on 9/11. He recently left Active Duty with the Army to run against John Murtha in Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


For reasons known mainly to themselves, many voters in the 12th congressional district of PA have a sentimental attachment to John Murtha. Of course, many well-heeled lobbyists have an attachment to Murtha that has nothing to do with sentiment -- and everything to do with money. Of course, as one group after another -- conservative, moderate, and liberal -- has pointed out, Murtha is to political corruption as a pig farm is to bad odors.

Murtha, like every congressman on the take, prefers to run unopposed, which is the usual situation in his district. In 2006, my courageous friend and political ally, Diana Lynn Irey, ran an excellent campaign against "The Prince of Pork." By getting nearly 80,000 votes, Diana heroically established the foundation for a future victory.

Well, the future is now -- and the candidate who can beat Murtha is Lt. Col. William "Trower" Russell. If he's not well-known to you now, he will be soon. Go to his web site at:

Of course, one way to beat a political opponent is to outspend him. That won't happen this time. When Murtha puts his votes up for sale, they don't go to the lowest bidder. In his last campaign, he raised nearly $3 million -- and spent about $3.25 million. Those are figures that would impress even Hillary Clinton, who spent less per voter in her last New York Senate campaign than Murtha did in his race against Diana.

Yes, the lobbyists believe that Murtha is the best congressman money can buy.

To beat Murtha, William is going to have to outwork him (which isn't too hard given congressman's penchant for laziness) and to outsmart him. I've urged William to follow the example of Christine Todd Whitman, who almost beat the much-better-known Bill Bradley in a 1990 New Jersey Senate race. He spent more than $11 million, while she spent $900,000.

He won by two percentage points, a dismal showing that ended his aspirations to run for President. Bradley spent about $5 million on TV ads, while Mrs. Whitman spent almost nothing on such commercials. She relied mostly on a much less expensive medium, radio.

A candidate like William will have a strong core of supporters, about 35%-40% of the voters in the 12th district. He should win almost all the Republicans -- and a solid majority of the independents. In my other blog, I've discussed how William can establish that Murtha is NOT a Western PA Democrat, but rather someone who panders to the Pelosi-wing of the Party. Yes, some Democrats will vote vote for Murtha out of habit. But many Democrats in the 12th District will be very uncomfortable with a man -- Murtha -- who shares few if any of their values.

Democrats for Russell

Frankly, most Democrats in America (81% according to polls) want America to win in Iraq. In contrast, 19% of them want our country to lose -- and, by all appearances, Jack Murtha is one them. His false, disgraceful accusations against the Haditha Marines prove that the congressman cares more about his standing with the Pelosi Democrats than he does about our country's standing in the world. He's obviously more interested in winning re-election than in winning a crucial war.

Russell supporters must NOT be inward looking. In other words, we must do more than talk to one another. We need to reach out -- to family, friends, and acquaintances. For example, active military and veterans will back William in large numbers, but they need to promote his campaign to friends, family members, and acquaintances. We need to keep talking, e-mailing, and blogging about the need to back William Russell.

The goal is to make the name William "Trower" Russell a household name.

In the Irey Campaign, I saluted the efforts of two young people, Josh and Amanda, who -- in just one day -- made 500 phone calls on Diana's behalf.

Give William 500 people like Josh and Amanda, and he will win this race. I hope each person who reads this will make a decision to be a "Josh" or an "Amanda." If we keep promoting William's candidacy, one year from now -- on Election Day -- we will have accomplished something of great importance to our country.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa


I'm a fan of "political multiplication," a form of what's sometimes called viral marketing. When two people tell two others about William's values and history, he will have four supporters. If all of them keep on telling others, then sooner or later, tens of thousands of people have been "told" about William's merits. The hard part, of course, is keeping it up -- as Josh and Amanda kept making one phone after another. If there's a great core of people -- and William is getting such a core -- the advocacy of his candidacy will take on a life of its own.

To put it in it plain talk: yes, William wants the support of every member of the American Legion in the 12th District. But beyond that, he wans the legionnaires to promote his candidacy to spouses, children, neighbors, and business acquaintances. Telling many others about William's efforts -- and his lifelong commitment on behalf of America -- truly can be one of those "gifts" that keeps on giving.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

John Murtha's Debt

Obviously, every congresscritter contributes to the annual budget deficit. That said, John Murtha 'contributes' more to it than most:

Twenty-one members were responsible for about $1 billion in earmarks, or financing for pet projects, according to data lawmakers were required to disclose for the first time this year. Each asked for more than $20 million for businesses mostly in their districts, ranging from major military contractors to little known start-ups.

The list is topped by the veteran earmark champions Representative John P. Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat who is the chairman of the powerful defense appropriations subcommittee, and Representative C. W. Bill Young of Florida, the top Republican on the panel, who asked for $166 million and $117 million respectively. It also includes $92 million in requests from Representative Jerry Lewis, Republican of California, a committee member who is under federal investigation for his ties to a lobbying firm whose clients often benefited from his earmarks.

It's time we stopped calling them earmarks & called them what they really are: the price of corruption. Here's how the WSJ worded it:

Johnstown’s good fortune has come at the expense of taxpayers everywhere else. Defense contractors have found that if they open an office here and hire the right lobbyist, they can get lucrative, no-bid contracts. Over the past decade, Concurrent Technologies Corp., a defense-research firm that employs 800 here, got hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to Rep. Murtha despite poor reviews by Pentagon auditors.

When Democrats won majorities in the House & Senate, Nancy Pelosi said that they'd use a pay-go system to restore fiscal discipline. It sounds to me like John Murtha has a different type of pay-go system. If you don't pay Johnstown's Piper, you don't pass go. You don't collect your share of corruption markers, aka earmarks.

“Pork hasn’t gone away at all,” said Representative Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, an earmark critic who cites the “circular fund-raising” surrounding many of them. “It would be wonderful if this was a partisan issue, with Republicans on the right side, but it is really not. Many of these companies use money appropriated through earmarks to turn around and lobby for more money. Some of them are just there to receive earmarks.”

Ms. Pelosi was more interested in campaigning on earmarks than she was worried about reforming the system or "draining the swamp." Simply put, she wasn't & isn't serious about earmarks or cleaning up corruption.

That's why she needs to be a one-term Speaker & why John Murtha needs to be involuntarily retired.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Lt. Col William Russell: Hope for America

I met Lt. Col. William Russell early in October at an event sponsored by Diana Lynn Irey, who ran so courageously and well against John Murtha in 2006. William Russel, pictured above, is running hard against Murtha with the goal of winning. I believe he can accomplish that.
He's accomplished just about everything else in life. He's now retired from the Army and living in Johnstown, PA, in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District. His campaign manager is Larry Stiles, a Marine from the Vietnam Era.

William is a veteran of just about every modern situation where there was hostile gunfire. He served in Desert Storm, in the Balkans, and in Iraqi Freedom. On 9/11/2001, he and his wife Kasia were in the Pentagon together when the terrorist/hijackers hit the building. Thankfully, they were not hurt.

What will it take for William to win against Moneybags Murtha? He's going to need the prayers and support, including contributions, from all those who love this country as deeply as he does. He's the man and this is the time to bring an end to the long, undistinguished career of John Murtha, one of the most unsavory and self-centered individuals ever to hold high office in America.

How can you personally help William in his effort? You can do by going to his web site at: If you can afford to do so, please make a modest contribution to his effort. Above all, please volunteer to help, perhaps by soliciting contributions and support from others. If you live in or near the 12th District (south and east of Pittsburgh, including towns like Johnstown, Monongahela, and Washington, PA, as well as Greene County), your help can be especially important. Please bring this campaign to the attention of those on your blog and/or e-mail list.

As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." The triumph of good -- and William is a very good man -- requires that good people, male and female, do what they can, which is sometimes more than they can imagine.

Thanks for your assistance!
Stephen R. Maloney
Ambridge, PA (writing often about this campaign)

New Contributors at Murtha Must Go!!

I'm proud to announce that we will have two more stellar contributors here at Murtha Must Go!!

Darryl Sharratt, father of unlawfully and unjustly accused Haditha Marine, Justin Sharratt (and, incidentally, a resident of PA-12, Murtha's home district) has agreed to come on board!

Mr. Sharrat will bring up close and personal the damage that Murtha's ambitions have wrought against the best and bravest to further the unscrupulous congressman's own political ambitions.

Mr. Sharrat, along with his son, Justin, were recently featured on Hannity's America:

A hearty welcome to the team, Mr. Sharratt!

Your help in meting out justice to Jack Murtha in handing his big phat backside to him is most welcome!

A second stellar contributor to this blog will be Stephen Maloney.

Stephen R. Maloney is a former college professor, author of two books, and corporate speechwriter for major companies in petroleum and pharamaceuticals. He's currently devoted to building strong national support for Alaska Governor Sarah Heath Palin (the most popular elected official in the country) as a future President of the United States, as well as support for Melissa Hart and William Russell for Congress and Heather Wilson for the U.S. Senate. Steve is the father of five daughters. He's now writing a book on evangelicals and the future of the Republican Party.
Incidentally, Mr. Maloney is following quite closely the campaign of Murtha's most worthy challenger, William Russell. He, too, knows the stakes of the upcoming election and the importance of upending Murtha's tenure once and for all.

Welcome to the team, Mr. Sharratt and Mr. Maloney--it is indeed an honor and a privilege to have both of you aboard!

Here's to handing Murtha his own "big fat backside" to him in 2008!


Leo Pusateri, blog originator.