Thursday, February 01, 2007

Will these idiots ever get it right?

From here:
There hasn't even been a broad political shift in favor of the doves. The most important war critics are military types like Jack Murtha, Chuck Hagel and Jim Webb, who hate this particular war but were superhawks in other circumstances.
Jack Murtha never--I REPEAT NEVER-- has been a "superhawk."
And now he wants to cut and run from Iraq. During each one of these instances, the net result was that, seeing that we were nothing but "paper tigers." our enemies became emboldened to attack again and again and attack harder. Totally oblivious to the aims of and dangers presented by our enemies, Murtha continues to elect the coward's way out--a motus operandi that has netted disastrous results.

The only "hawkish" bent that Murtha has ever had was to give millions of dollars in sweetheart defense contracts to those who would reward him handsomely with campaign contributions so as to enable him to keep his sorry "fat backside" in his House seat.

But I guess the Left needs their "hawks," even wannabe ones, to try to give their "surrender at any cost" stance credibility.

Note the operative word--Try.