Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of cabbage-heads and kings.

Egyptian pharoahs had the sphinx and the Great Pyramids; Emperor Shah Jahan had the Taj Mahal; Saddam had the crossed swords in Baghdad;

And now?

Jack Murtha--royalty on the taxpayer dole:
Edifice Nix
Members have a complex.

By Deroy Murdock

Johnstown, P.A. — Devastated in 1889 by a notorious flood, this town today welcomes turboprop aircraft to its tiny airport. Approaching the terminal — which a decent-sized grocery store would dwarf — a sign greets passengers:
— John Murtha —
Johnstown Cambria County Airport

Inside, a framed photo features Congressman Murtha meeting employees at a local factory and praising their employer for creating jobs. Another picture shows the vocal Iraq-war critic’s face superimposed on the Stars and Stripes.

Near the front door, a portrait of Murtha — clad in a dark suit, white shirt, and dark tie — smiles from the wall, as Old Glory rises from an adjacent flag stand.

During the 1990’s [sic], largely through the efforts of Congressman Murtha, this airport extended its runway, updated its landing, approach lighting, and instrument landing systems, built a commercial aviation complex, was a catalyst for major upgrades to sewage and water services on this plateau, and became the home to nine National Guard and Reserve units, which include a new air-traffic control tower and state-of-the-art radar system that services commercial and military traffic,” reads a plaque beside the Democrat’s picture. “The total federal investment was approximately $125 million.”

So, this whole place is essentially a $125 million political ad funded by America’s taxpayers. Murtha’s face greets every constituent who traverses this airport. These repeat impressions, as advertisers call them, boost Murtha’s name identification and ease his reelection to Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, which he has represented since 1975.
"Donating" millions upon millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to pork barrel projects, getting untold free campaign advertising from having those projects named after you, and not having to shell out a penny by yourself.

Nice work if you can get it.

What I want to know, is what ever happened to the notion of elected officials being public servants?

I thought we threw off the notion of royalty when we broke from England in 1776.

But I guess power does have a tendency to go to one's head, eh Jack?

Too bad the taxpayers have to foot the bill for your ego trip.