Monday, May 21, 2007

Give 'em (our troops) hell, eh John...

Harry Truman. The rough and tumble, "buck-stops-here," decisive democrat president, inarguably made the decision (a difficult one, to be sure) that assured victory for the United States during WWII. Truman is highly regarded by members of both sides of the political aisle as a great leader of impeccable moral character.

So when Independence, MO has a celebration in honor of its favorite son and 33rd president, who should they trot out to speak?

Why the coward, seditionist, and traitor himself--yes, the old seditious gasbag, Jack Murtha

Iraq is a topic at Truman Days

Rep. John Murtha tells Independence audience that U.S. troops are confused and fatigued.

Having received a phone call from my son in Iraq yesterday, I can unequivocally say that he is anything but confused and fatigued. And for that seditious windbag of slime to come out and say anything to that effect is proof positive that the only place from which he speaks is his anal cavity.

So, to our esteemed congressman from PA-12, on behalf of our son and his comrades who are performing honorably, courageously, and with purpose in the line of duty, I hereby extend to you my one-fingered salute.

Use your imagination as to which finger, asswipe.