Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Squirm, Murtha, Squirm...

...Political inferno (h/t the Trammps), as in day of reckoning for "Jack the Jihad Hack."

From Roll Call via NRCC:
A defamation lawsuit against Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) over his comments about unnamed Marines involved in the Haditha incident in Iraq continued to move forward last week despite his lawyer's attempts to quash it.

Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich sued Murtha in August 2006, alleging that Murtha "publicly and falsely accused" the Marines of "cold-blooded murder and war crimes" without facts to support that claim.

Murtha has until Nov. 5 to produce documents requested by Wuterich's lawyer Mark Zaid. Zaid has made 24 documents, including materials having to do with conversations Murtha had with military officials and staff regarding the Haditha incident, his campaign activities with regards to comments he made about Haditha, and Murtha's schedule between March 1 and Aug. 10, 2006.

At a status hearing Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Darrell Valdez, representing Murtha on behalf of the Justice Department, was issued a notice of deposition for Murtha on Nov. 27.

Murtha's office did not respond to requests for comment.
Hmmm... Surprising. NOT. But wait a minute, the fun and laughter continues:
Murtha's lawyers have argued that his actions fit under the purview of his official duties. If the district court or the D.C. appeals court finds that Murtha was acting in his official capacity when he made the Haditha comments, the U.S. government would be substituted for Murtha as a defendant, which would mean the case would essentially be finished because the United States cannot be sued for libel or slander. If Murtha's lawyers try to appeal the case, they will have to move to stay discovery and the deposition, or they'll be in contempt of court for ignoring Collyer's order, according to Zaid.
Hey, Jihad Jack, you say you were a Marine at one time.  How about doing the honorable thing for once and tell the truth that the House Majority Leader's office looked just so inviting that that your big fat mouth (which, incidentally is a dead ringer for your "big phat backside") just had a mind of its own when it went and prattled that Marines in Haditha "lost it" and murdered innocent civilians in cold blood.  And then went on to flat out lie that there was no firefight-- just a bunch of friendly civilians minding their own business.  Feh.

But I suppose you left your Honor as a Marine in the geographical area south of your waistline where your brains reside, didn't you?  And now you cut and run from your responsibility to admit the truth, by trying to hide behind a legal loophole that you were only performing your official duties when you decided to play judge, jury and executioner and slander a group of Marines whose only "crime" was to execute their duties in a manner totally befitting the honor of their orders, their rules of engagement, and their Corps. 

Jack P. Murtha--know this:  You can try to cut and run behind a loophole to save your sorry arse.  But in the end you'll never be able to cut and run from the truth, nor from your Creator. 

Sooner or later, justice will prevail.