Saturday, December 27, 2008

More proof that Murtha is SENILE.

...and that he has no clue of which he speaks.
( - Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) said Wednesday that he opposes the all-volunteer army and that a military draft, based on a lottery with no deferments, is necessary during wartime.

Murtha painted a bleak picture of the U.S. military during his address, saying the armed forces are stretched too thin and that the number of new soldiers recruited without having a high school diploma had increased.

[SNIP]“Well, we’ll never be able to fight a conventional war where you have two fronts without a draft. You can’t do it – 70 percent of the people in World War II were drafted and 40 percent in Vietnam. The draftees did fine,” he said.
Newsflash to Murtha: We are fighting multiple fronts in this war, and we have plenty of volunteers to fight it.

Another newsflash to clueless Jack Murtha: Our volunteer soldiers don't want inductees. Period. My son can attest to the fact that they'd rather serve any day with other volunteers than serve with others who are forced to be there.

One more newsflash to clueless Jack Murtha: The Vietnam draftees didn't do fine.

Remember, this is the great military mind who thought it would be a good idea to redeploy our troops from Iraq to Okinawa. The same military genius who thought it a good idea to cut and run from Lebanon, which in part gave Osama bin Laden the inspiration to perpetrate 9/11.

Yeah. A real man of genius, that Murtha is.

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That is all.