Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well...We Tried To Tell You...

We tried to tell you, again and again, that John P. Murtha was not to be trusted.

We tried to tell you, again and again on this blog, that the only thing John P. Murtha is interested in, is, well, enriching John P. Murtha, whether it's throwing the Haditha Marines under the bus for reasons of political gain, or rewarding his cronies with pay-to-play earmarks designed as quid-pro-quos to keep his political machine and campaign war machine well-oiled and chock full of booty.

Hell, even when the megalomaniacal John Murtha scores an earmark for a local cancer center, it has his name plastered all over it like he's some modern day Julius Caesar.

Yes, we at Murtha Must Go!! have known this since May of 2006, when we first started peeling the rotten onion that is Congressman John P. "Jihad Jack" Murtha.

We even warned you literally years ahead of the curve that John Murtha was utilizing his political connections and earmarks to set up phony fronts to line his greasy pockets. As a matter of fact, this story, regarding Murtha's connection to Electro-Optics Center, now just coming to light in the mainstream press, was reported by me on MMG back on September 27, 2006, over two and a half years ago.

We at MMG tried to warn the voters of PA-12 that they were sending and re-sending a crook of the lowest order back to Washington, time and time again. But I guess it's hard to see straight when you have more pork dangling in front of your eyes than a Hormel Spam factory.

So, to our friends in the mainstream media (and even the Kos-Kids) who have finally taken the time to delve into what a scumbag Murtha is, welcome to the club.

Just one question, though: What the hell took you so long?