Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Murtha: Run away!!! FOR GOD SAKES--RUN AWAYY!

What the hell is with this assclown? Is he in Al Sadr's pocket?

Not only has Jack Murtha advocated for immediate pullout from Iraq, thus ensuring U.S. defeat, he's trying to engineer it.

Murtha urges leaving Saddam’s palaces

By Kimberly Hefling - The Associated Press
Posted : Wednesday Jan 24, 2007 6:38:09 EST

Democratic Rep. John Murtha, a leading critic of President Bush’s Iraq policy, on Tuesday urged a “responsible phased” withdrawal of U.S. troops to begin from within Saddam Hussein’s palaces.

"Responsible phased" withdrawal. Heh. Like it is the responsible thing to do to accept defeat.

What's next? I wouldn't be surprised to hear Jack Murtha say, "Yep, get out of Saddam's palaces. Then, bend over and kiss Sadr's ass, while you're at it! Then beat your chests and say, "We were wrong to get rid of Saddam!" and then..."

Thanks, PA-12... for giving us two more years of this traitorous, senile gasbag.