Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Murtha to Bush: "I Won't Let You Win This War"

While Jihad Johnny didn't make that specific statement, that's what his latest scheme amounts to. Here's what the WSJ is reporting:
But Mr. Murtha, chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, believes the November election results show voters want Congress to be more of a check on Mr. Bush's handling of Iraq. His goal is to build bipartisan support by focusing the debate on whether increasing troop levels would be too much of a strain on the military.
This is nothing more than a subtle way of limiting the President's military options. They approved the AUMF to wage war in Iraq, which is their Constitutional responsibility. Now, however, they're essentially stepping into the role of Commander-In-Chief, telling the President that they have final say on military policies. That hardly seems like a Legislative Branch prerogative.

Let's also call this for what it is: this is John Murtha's slimy way of saying he won't let the President win the war while pretending to support the troops. As Leo said,"Murtha supports our troops like an arsonist supports firefighters."

Another 'benefit' for the Democrats is that they can prevent the President from winning in Iraq without cutting funding. Rest assured, this won't sit well with conservatives. Rest assured, this will be the conservatives' rallying cry because we won't settle for anything less than full military and political victory in Iraq.

We shouldn't have to settle for the Vietnamization of Iraq. The debate shouldn't have focused on whether we should "immediately redeploy" to Okinawa. The debate should've been about what should be done to defeat the terrorists while installing a democracy in one of the baddest 'neighborhoods' in the Middle East.

The truth is that John Murtha and like-minded Democrats don't have the steadfastness to win wars. It's like they're deathly afraid of winning militarily when it really matters. In my opinion, they should be ashamed to call themselves Democrats. There are some of us who remember that Democrats used to be hawkish. Today's Democrats, with Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller being the exceptions, are short on hawks but long on ish when it comes to military matters.

There used to be a time when Democrats like JFK, Harry Truman, FDR, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Scoop Jackson and Hubert Humphrey cared about winning wars. There was a time when jackasses like Murtha would've been relegated to the back bench of the Democratic Party.

It's time that more people contacted their representatives and told them that they demand that we win the war in Iraq, that we don't want Democrats to create a new Vietnam through their defeatist policies.

One last thing: I won't tapdance on whether John Murtha is a patriot. He isn't. Forgive me if I don't think it's patriotic to tell our troops that you won't let them win a war.

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