Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Moment to Remember

A Moment to Rember

I thought I was there to support the Congressional campaign of William Trower Russell. I now know it is much more. When I stepped out of the warm RV into the cold Shanksville, Pa morning I was greeted by a friendly voice. A local resident, with a flashlight, was there to give me a tour of his sacred ground. He walked me into the cold, dark November morning to the edge of a cornfield. Shining his light into the distance I could only imagine the charred, mangled wreckage of Flight 93. He shared with me his recollections of that fateful day in September, 2001. He described the carnage visited upon an unprepared America

The resident, whose name now eludes me, sat me down on a bench inscribed with the name of Todd Beamer. He doesn’t want the government to erect a cold, inanimate monument on this site. The American people have already immortalized this sacred site. With the light of the flashlight leading the way he walked me down a make shift wall. A wall lined with the offerings of a caring America. The hats, license plates, t-shirts and messages from a caring nation. We only touched the thousands of trinkets left by the visitors. Trying not to disturb their final resting place.

As dawn broke, our group gathered for prayer. I cried, many of us cried. Most of my tears were for the brave souls who perished on Flight 93. Some, I think were for the living. I embraced William Russell and thanked him for his service to our country. The reality of the moment finally struck me. Our nation has become complacent since 9/11. Our politicians do not see a need for secured borders, a strong military and a victory in Iraq. This man, William Trower Russell, sees the need, he knows the need.

The days ahead will be long and hard. William Russell needs your vote, he needs your support. I have gotten to know this man. In the next year you will come to know this man. He is what America needs. Embrace his message, join his election campaign. William Trower Russell, make him your Congressman from the 12th Congressional District.



Darryl R Sharratt