Friday, November 02, 2007

New Contributors at Murtha Must Go!!

I'm proud to announce that we will have two more stellar contributors here at Murtha Must Go!!

Darryl Sharratt, father of unlawfully and unjustly accused Haditha Marine, Justin Sharratt (and, incidentally, a resident of PA-12, Murtha's home district) has agreed to come on board!

Mr. Sharrat will bring up close and personal the damage that Murtha's ambitions have wrought against the best and bravest to further the unscrupulous congressman's own political ambitions.

Mr. Sharrat, along with his son, Justin, were recently featured on Hannity's America:

A hearty welcome to the team, Mr. Sharratt!

Your help in meting out justice to Jack Murtha in handing his big phat backside to him is most welcome!

A second stellar contributor to this blog will be Stephen Maloney.

Stephen R. Maloney is a former college professor, author of two books, and corporate speechwriter for major companies in petroleum and pharamaceuticals. He's currently devoted to building strong national support for Alaska Governor Sarah Heath Palin (the most popular elected official in the country) as a future President of the United States, as well as support for Melissa Hart and William Russell for Congress and Heather Wilson for the U.S. Senate. Steve is the father of five daughters. He's now writing a book on evangelicals and the future of the Republican Party.
Incidentally, Mr. Maloney is following quite closely the campaign of Murtha's most worthy challenger, William Russell. He, too, knows the stakes of the upcoming election and the importance of upending Murtha's tenure once and for all.

Welcome to the team, Mr. Sharratt and Mr. Maloney--it is indeed an honor and a privilege to have both of you aboard!

Here's to handing Murtha his own "big fat backside" to him in 2008!


Leo Pusateri, blog originator.