Thursday, May 29, 2008

Murtha's Disciples Must Go!!

Not only did we suffer the indignity of seeing John Murtha winning reelection in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania AGAIN in 2006, but we were treated to the sorry spectacle of Jason Altmire's victory over Melissa Hart in the PA 4th. Scheming Jack managed to get his prospective opponent kicked off of the Republican ticket this year, while Hart is poised to take on Altmire in what promises to be another close race. Altmire considers Murtha to be his political mentor. It's like having Murtha represent two Congressional districts instead of just one.

If we are not careful, we might be up to three Murtha districts next year. At my neighborhood Memorial Day parade this week, I briefly encountered Steve O'Donnell, the Democrat challenger for Tim Murphy's Congressional seat in the 18th district, where I live. O'Donnell has plenty to say on his campaign site about Tim Murphy, George Bush, and Republicans in general. In short, he's agin' 'em.

A quick perusal of the site reveals that O'Donnell is a big advocate of government spending in most areas. Who else around here likes to toss around taxpayer money like he just printed it in his basement? Oh yes -- John Murtha, that's who. Not surprisingly, O'Donnell invokes the name of Saint Jack when stating his position on Iraq:
Steve O'Donnell believes it's time to "start bringing our troops home in the quickest way possible -- that ensures their safety."

We have already lost more than 3,000 American lives, and nearly 30,000 American soldiers have been wounded in battle. Countless Iraqis have been killed and wounded. We are spending trillions of dollars in unbudgeted expenses - with no end in sight -- while domestic priorities go unfunded.

Steve O'Donnell supports Congressman John Murtha's call for an end to the war and bringing our troops home now.
What is really disturbing about this is that there was no need for him to mention Murtha's name. he just throws it in at the end, sort of as a shout-out to all the people here in the 18th district who wish they could vote for Murtha but can't. If there are people like that around here, I would rather not know about it.

O'Donnell also referenced John Murtha when making his inaugural campaign announcement last October:

In making his announcement, O'Donnell, a lifelong Democrat and U.S. Navy veteran said, "Over 3,000 American soldiers, and countless innocent Iraqi civilians, have lost their lives in a war that has little to do with our homeland security. As the human and economic toll mounted from George Bush's ill-begotten war, our Congressman Tim Murphy -- stood with those who blindly supported George Bush and questioned Congressman John Murtha's patriotism when he opposed the escalation of the war in Iraq."

O'Donnell continued, "When our nation needed reasoned dissent and independent voices to stand up to George Bush - Tim Murphy remained silent and stood on the sidelines."

"I'm running for Congress to take a strong stand against George Bush and his allies in Congress like Tim Murphy - who support this misguided war - while continuing their assault on the needs of working families in western Pennsylvania. I support Congressman John Murtha's call to start bringing our troops home - now," O'Donnell said.

It's standard Democrat candidate rhetoric in 2008: mention George Bush at least once for every time you mention your opponent's name. In fact, this is so standard, it looks like a form letter, albeit one that has been customized for southwestern Pennsylvania by having Murtha's name tossed in a couple of times.

Note, too, that in Steve O'Donnell's mind, there is no enemy in Iraq, simply American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. Nothing about terrorists or insurgents, or Saddam Hussein. Saddam must be one of those innocents whose lives were lost. Steve's enemy is a man named George, who has a sidekick named Tim. We know whose side Steve O'Donnell is on, and it is not ours.

I don't remember Tim Murphy questioning John Murtha's patriotism, which makes me suspect that O'Donnell is lying. And if Murphy did not question Murtha's patriotism, he ought to. While he's at it, questioning Steve O'Donnell's patriotism may be in order.

One Murtha in Congress is too much. Let's not allow it to go up to three.