Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pot Meet Kettle

The DNC's pit-bullswine and all-around blowhard John P. Murtha had this to say about John McCain joking about an "IED gift" for John Stewart:
“Imagine a presidential candidate making a joke about IEDs when these kids are getting blown apart, it's outrageous!” Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha fumes.
John McCain, of course, was a lot more civl in his response than he had to be:
“All I can say to Murtha and others is lighten up and get a life.”
Like I said, Senator McCain was a lot more civil in his response than he needed to be, or perhaps should have been. A fairer, more appropriate response to the gasbag, IMO could have gone something like this:
"Imagine a sitting member of congress pronouncing guilt of "murder in cold blood" on a platoon of Marines without any evidence or even a formal brifing, during a time of war, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy that wants them dead, all for the purposes of cheap, political gain."
So until "Jihad Jack" Murtha apologizes for becoming a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, not to mention denying the basic civil right of presumption of innocence for those who have sworn to defend the Constitution with their very lives, then he has about as much room to talk as the space that exists between the crack of his bloated phat backside.