Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Open Letter to PA GOP

(ed note--I couldn't get this through because of overzealous (by design, perhaps?) spam filters, but if any of our readers can pass this on, I'd appreciate it--thanks)

To the leadership of PA-GOP...

I guess I don't understand it.

You have had a chance to knock off the most corrupt, democrat congressman, possibly in the history of the United States, who sits ensconsed in your own backyard much like Jabba the Hut, and you keep on shooting yourselves in your collective kneecap. Jack Murtha slanders and unlawfully convicts those who put their lives on the line to defend us and our way of life, and you don't so much as lift a finger to depose his ass. Alternately, you actually enable his re-election.

You didn't lift a finger when Diana Irey ran against the gasbag in '06.

You were active in trying to keep Lt. Col.William Trower Russell, an honorable veteran, off the ballot; he had to get in on a write-in campaign after the local GOP had him tossed off!!

You chose not to take an active part in deposing a democrat politician who has lived high on the taxpayer hog for thirty-four (soon to be 36) friggen years!!

And then you have the gall to still want money from your constituents???

Since May 19 of 2006, after Murtha played judge, jury and executioner to the Haditha Marines, I (and some talented, like-minded friends) have maintained the blog, Murtha Must Go!!

Isn't it kind of pathetic that people from around our nation, myself being from Minnesota, others from Chicago, etc., who clearly recognize what a scourge Congressman Murtha is on the national political scene, care more and do more to expose Murtha than does the Pennsylvania GOP???

Are you that comfortable wallowing in Murtha's abject debauchery that you, too, are willing to look the other way?

Are you, as are many a corn-fed dependent PA-12 constituent, blinded by the pork?

Must the remainder of the people in this nation, disgusted by Murtha's traitorous behavior that has literally taken its toll in lost lives, continue to do the heavy lifting that the PA GOP continues to refuse to do?

Don't get me wrong. I'm still going to go after Murtha. I'm still going to expose the corruption, and I won't rest until he either gets unseated or takes a well-deserved frog march and perp-walk in front of a thousand cameras.

But it would be nice to get a little help once in a while.


Leo J. Pusateri, Jr.

Founder and Editor of Murtha Must Go!!