Saturday, November 01, 2008

Murtha on Iraq: WRONG!

Despite nearly three years that Jihad Jack Murtha has waged his own personal war against American troops and their mission in Iraq, this past month in Iraq shows beyond a doubt that the determination of our fighting men and women, their leaders, and yes, President Bush has resulted in a victory:

October’s U.S. death toll in Iraq matched the lowest monthly total of the war, with 13 deaths — seven in combat — reported by the Defense Department.

The earlier low came in July of this year, as security improvements throughout the country translated into lowered violence targeted at U.S. troops.

The Pentagon figures for October mark the first time in the war that no U.S. combat deaths were reported in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad. The two Baghdad deaths were reported as nonhostile.

Security improvements have been attributed to the now-reversed troop "surge," a turning of tribes against al-Qaida and other militant groups, and the emergence of paid "Sons of Iraq" who patrol neighborhoods.

Last October, 38 U.S. deaths were reported in Iraq, and in 2006, there were 106 U.S. deaths.

Going to show, all along, that Jihad Jack Murtha was wrong, wrong, wrong about our ability to achieve peace and stability in the fledgling democracy.

Going to show that Murtha, the supposed "military expert" wouldn't know a victory if it came up and bit him on his "big fat backside."

Going to show that Murtha gave not one wit about men and women in harms' way in Iraq, choosing rather to embolden the enemy while he attempted to enrich his own political career.

Going to show, once and for all, that MURTHA MUST GO!!