Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yet Even MORE Corruption?

We alerted you here and here regarding Murtha's dealings with the Kuchera Industries, a local PA-12 beneficiary of Murtha's largesse, as well as a heavyweight donor to Murtha's campaign coffers.

Well, get ready for yet another corrupt company with Jihad Jack Murtha's greasy-grimy fingerprints all over it (emphases mine):

Possible Shakeup At Firm Tied

To John Murtha

Washington-Based PMA Group Has Close, Controversial Ties To Congressman

Thursday, January 29, 2009 – updated: 4:47 pm EST January 29, 2009 has learned a Washington lobbying powerhouse with close connections to Johnstown Rep. John Murtha is undergoing a shakeup.Its founder, a longtime Murtha aide whose business dealings with the Congressman have attracted scrutiny, could be on his way out.

The PMA Group, founded by former Murtha staffer Paul Magliocchetti, might soon part ways with Magliocchetti. Patrick Dorton, a PMA Group spokesman, told, "There are ongoing discussions inside the firm about its future business structure."Multiple sources told PMA and Magliocchetti could soon part ways.Several government watchdog groups have criticized the connection between PMA Group's campaign donations and lucrative earmarks secured by Murtha. According to Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, PMA Group and its clients contributed $381,000 to Murtha's campaign and political action committee between 2005 and 2008. During the same period of time, reports show PMA secured at least $95 million in federal earmark money.
It would appear that Kuchera and PMA may be merely the tip of the iceberg:
A Jan. 24 edition of Politico newspaper reports, "According to two sources, in recent months FBI agents have begun looking into Murtha's earmarks and his relationship with lobbying firms and contractors that get those earmarks."

A spokeswoman for the United States Attorney's office for Western Pennsylvania confirms federal agents raided the Kuchera properties last week. But she would neither confirm nor deny whether Murtha and the PMA Group are also under investigation.
And of course, as with anytime Jihad Jack Murtha is asked to be held accountable for anything, the response is the same:
Murtha's office did not respond to requests for comment.

How much longer, PA-12??? How much longer?


It appears that PMA Group has its own PAC, with employees, big-wigs and possibly spouses as main contributors.