Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hey PA-12...

Why couldn't you have elected a guy like this?
Under no circumstances does state Rep. Dan Moul want Pennsylvania considered as a potential site for the relocation of suspected terrorists now being housed at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

And in a defiant move against President Barack Obama's plan to close the Cuba-based prison and relocate the facility somewhere within the U.S., the Adams County representative has drafted a resolution he hopes will stop Pennsylvania from being on the short list of potential sites.

"These people are trained killers, and they're trained to kill Americans. That's what they were born, bred and raised to do is to kill us, infidels," Moul said. "And as soon as they land here, the United States taxpayers, you and I, would wind up paying for legal services for these people who would like to do nothing more than to kill us."

With that rationale, Moul, R-Conewago Township, is looking for co-sponsorships on the resolution that, if passed, would urge Congress not to transfer any Guantanamo Bay detainees to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He intends to propose it to the state House of Representatives in a few weeks.

The resolution states Moul's opposition to taxpayers funding housing and legal services for suspected terrorists and to detainees being afforded civil rights.

It also recommends that detainees instead be transferred to maximum-security facilities within their country of citizenship or in the country where they were originally captured.

"If we bring them here, it's going to cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars over the years," Moul said. "There would be plenty of attorneys lined up at the prison gates to represent them and charge the United States taxpayers tons of money to give them representation, which I feel they do not deserve. I don't want to spend one more nickel on them than I absolutely positively have to."

Nothing at all like the terrorist-loving, "Blame the troops first!" Jihad Jack Murtha.

So tell me, PA-12... how's that pork workin' out for ya?

BTW--there's still a chance in 2010.