Friday, February 22, 2008

Just when you think he couldn't get any lower...

The Johnstown Democrat reports:
William Russell’s campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. John Murtha could meet an untimely end.

A challenge filed in the state’s Commonwealth Court claims that Russell, a Johnstown Republican, does not have enough valid petition signatures to get his name on the April 22 primary ballot.

If Russell were deemed ineligible, that would leave Murtha – a Democrat who has served 34 years in the House – with no opposition in this year’s elections.

“Certainly, I intend to fight this,” Russell said Thursday.

A hearing is scheduled next week in Harrisburg.

Murtha’s campaign committee issued a statement saying Russell appears to have “filed a nominating petition that contained over 180 invalid signatures or unregistered voters in the 12th Congressional District” – apparently leaving him short of the 1,000 names needed.
Murtha's Big-Boss, Big-Money tentacles appears to have garnered him quite a menagerie of toadies:
The challenge was filed by two local Republicans: Former Johnstown Mayor Don Zucco and attorney Jeanne McKelvey.

Zucco said only, “There are lots of ways to support the congressman.” McKelvey could not immediately be reached.
And to add yet more slime to this already odious, foul-smelling, mix
Murtha’s committee supports the challenge: “The law states that candidates must have (the signatures of) 1,000 registered party voters to be on the election ballot. We believe that all candidates running for office should follow the law.”
That would be a good rule to live by, Jack... if you actually were honorable enough to live up to it.

As an aside, Jack... maybe it's my hearing, but I have yet to hear any apology coming from your piehole for wrongly de-faming a platoon of Marines; one who just happens to be one of your constituents.

John Murtha lecturing another regarding morals isn't only laughable, it's downright pathetic.

If this ploy succeeds, I urge all fair-minded Republicans in Washington County to write in Lt. Col. William Russell.

Jack Murtha deserves nothing less than a resounding defeat in November.