Sunday, February 24, 2008

So who is Donato Zucco?

As I asked in the previous post, what would lead Don Zucco, a republican, who signed a petition to get Lt. Col. William T. Russell on the ballot, to not only turn away from Russell, but to spearhead an effort to get him off of the ballot?

Could it be that Zucco is as polluted by Murtha's corruption as is anyone?

Follow the money:
Republicans play a similar game. Donato Zucco, a Republican and mayor since 1994, works closely with Murtha and state politicians, mostly Democrats, to get funding. Every six weeks he meets with 35 chief executives from Johnstown's largest companies, then goes off lobbying to Harrisburg or Washington.
Not to mention that Zucco is a regular donor to the Murtha campaign to the tune of $1000 per year (aside from playing both sides of the fence, when in the same year he donated $25,000 to the RNC).

At any rate, Mr. Zucco has turned a blind eye to decades of pork and corruption that has been the Murtha administration, an ignorance whereby judging by recent actions, has poisoned his very soul.

Just what does Murtha have on Mr. Zucco? Or, conversely, what is Mr. Zucco getting from Murtha?