Thursday, February 07, 2008

Murtha won't give up hope...

Despite the undeniable successes associated with George Bush's and General Petraeus' surge strategy, Jihad Jack Murtha refuses to give up hope that we can declare surrender:
A leading House Democrat wants to reignite the debate over the withdrawal of troops from Iraq in March, a move that represents a marked change after Democratic leaders in both chambers toned down their rhetoric in recent months.

Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), the chairman of the Appropriations Defense Subcommittee and a leading critic of the Iraq war, said that his panel would likely be done considering the second installment of the 2008 war supplemental by the end of February.

“After that I will try to convince the leadership to bring it up in March,” he told reporters Thursday, after he spoke at the Center of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He said he would make the same recommendations as he did last year: setting a goal date for troop withdrawals and mandating standards for troop readiness.

Murtha added that introducing troop withdrawal language is a leadership decision. House leadership is still under pressure from the liberal base to force a change in Iraq policy.

“People have been to my office every day saying, ‘You have not gotten out of Iraq yet,’ ” Murtha said.
Nor have you apologized for trying to unjustly accuse Haditha Marines of cold blooded murder for reasons of political gain, have you, Jack?

Where's that apology, asswipe?

But we knew back then, Jack Murtha, as we know now:

It's never been about the troops. It's never been about the welfare and security of the United States, nor of your constituents in PA-12.

Since the stench of Abscam reared its ugly head back in 1980, as is the case now, It's always been about Jack Murtha.

PA-12, isn't it time to send this moronic, corrupt piece of self-centered excrement to the cistern from whence he crept?

You have an honorable choice in the name of William Russell to support.

For the love of God, Murtha Must Go!!