Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jihad Jack Murtha: Getting just desserts!

Veteran Marine Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt, whose father Darryl is an occasional contributor to this blog, is rightfully suing Jack Murtha for the slanderous remarks made in 2006 naming the Haditha Marines "cold blooded" killers; all without reading reports, or without even receiving an official briefing. Sharratt joins Frank Wuterich in suing the pants off the corrupt, opportunistic gasbag.

Murtha has yet to apologize for his slanderous remarks, even though seven of the eight have been acquitted of any charges, and the eighth Marine is now likely being tried just to save the JAGs and Murtha's sorry faces. Numerous calls to his office continue to go unanswered. Murtha continues to redeploy his sorry phat backside to avoid being called to task.

No more. It is time that Murtha answer for his slanderous and traitorous remarks, all for the purposes of his cheap personal political gain.

Congressman Murtha, in the parlance of the Rev. Wright, the chickenzzzzzz have come home to rooost!