Thursday, September 25, 2008

Murtha, the Pork King, continues to try to buy votes with bacon

From the Johnstown Democrat (note how the J-T avoids the term, "earmarks"):

Local companies in line for defense budget funds


The Tribune-Democrat

Congress on Wednesday passed the fiscal year 2009 Defense Appropriations bill, including at least $80.7 million earmarked for local organizations out of the $487.7 billion budget.

After the bill passed, U.S. Rep. John Murtha announced directed funding to 10 Johnstown-area companies and agencies included in the bill.


The remaining $36.7 million was spread among nine other Cambria- and Somerset-county companies as follows:

n$10 million is provided for Northrop Grumman Corp. and Conemaugh Health System, both of Johnstown, to continue working on a digital health-care testbed to evaluate electronic health-care technologies in a rural setting.

• $3.2 million is included for MTS Technologies Inc., Johnstown, for the Joint Collaborative Medical Information System. The bill also includes $2.4 million to develop a computerized training tool for recruits that simulates virtual training environments and combat scenarios.

• Kuchera Defense Systems, Windber, will receive $4 million to continue development of Roll-On, Roll-Off reconnaissance technology. The bill also includes $2.5 million for a support facility that will be used for the repair and maintenance of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles.

• $4 million is included for DRS Technologies, Richland Township, to continue upgrading the combat information center consoles on Aegis class Navy ships.

• Gautier Steel, Johnstown, will receive $3.2 million to continue transitioning its capabilities as a Defense Department regional supplier of titanium steel.

• Environmental Systems Research Institute, Johnstown, will receive $3 million to produce highly sophisticated geographic information systems software for the military to map battle terrain more effectively.

• MountainTop Technologies, Johnstown, will receive $2.4 million to develop distance learning modules for Joint Task Force teams.

• $2 million is provided to research improvements to body armor being developed by KDH Defense Systems, Johnstown
But perhaps the pease de resistance of all the earmarked taxpayer dollars that Santa Claus Murtha is O so graciously bestowing upon his fifedom:

Of the directed funds, more than half – $44 million – are targeted for the National Drug Intelligence Center in downtown Johnstown, funding the center for another year and allowing it to grow.
So, Jihad Jack has earmarked 44 million of your taxpayer dollars to a corrupt, redundant, pork-laden vote farm, and is allowing it to grow even more?

The time is nigh when the citizens of Johnstown and the surrounding PA-12 area are going to need to make a stark choice: Will they continue to send to Washington a bloatedly corrupt, twisted version of Santa Claus, who bribes his constituents with their own money, and is more than willing to throw the honor and fortunes of innocent Marines under the bus to further his political ambitions?

Or will they finally refuse to hold their nose at the ballot box and instead send an honorable candidate to Washington, in the form of one Lt. Col. William Russell to represent their interests?