Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John Murtha, Witchfinder General

Pennsylvania now has an Obama Truth Squad consisting of several high-profile Democrats (including Governor Ed Rendell) whose job is to smack down alleged "smears" against Barack Obama by the McCain camp. Guess whose name is on the list of Squad members?
Congressman John Murtha
John Murtha, part of an anti-smear smear campaign? Who would have thought? Do their targets include bloggers?

Come after us, if you dare. We got your Murtha Truth Squad right here, pal.

Leo Adds:

Physician, heal thyself. Jihad Jack needs to come clean with the truth that he willfully and with foresight lied about the Haditha Marines, including Justin Sharratt, in an attempt to enrich himself and his political career.

Truth Squad? Feh.