Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's that sucking sound I hear?

It's the hope for Murtha's re-election being drawn down the drain, me-thinks. From an email I received:

From Peg Luksik Campaign Manager Bill Russell

Good evening!

Just to let you know how we are doing:

1. We are looking at $2 million dollars raised

2. Our Westmoreland County office is open it's at 638 W. Main St., Mt. Pleasant, PA

3. Our Cambria county office will officially open this Sunday with a ribbon cutting and open house from 4 to 7 PM Feel free to stop by, and spread the word. It's at 401 Franklin St. in Johnstown.

4. We will be covered on NewsMax tomorrow - headline and editorial

5. Our first set of TV commercials, airing the Murtha slander of our Marines, airs in every media market in the district on Friday, Monday and Tuesday , and during the Steeler game on Sunday.

6. We are front page on today

7. We are finishing production of our second commerciel, which will begin airing on the web site on Monday.

8. Bill will be on the Bill Bennett radio program tomorrow at 7 AM

Talk to you soon.


As will I, Peg. I've hung up my main digs and I've decided to dig in here to try to get one of the most, if not the most, corrupt politicians in the modern era get de-throned.

Diana Irey blazed the trail back in 2006, and now Lt. Col. William Russell has raised 2 million dollars from donors across the nation who are sick and tired of seeing fat-cat 'Jihad Jack' Murtha sitting in the cat-bird seat, calling the shots like nothing has happened, leaving in his wake the reputations of a platoon of Marines whose only crime was the non-crime of following Rules of Engagement (ROE) at the town of Haditha, Iraq.

I invite every visitor here at Murtha Must Go to browse our archives for the most comprehensive collection available chronicling Murtha's misdeeds, from Abscam to Haditha and beyond.

There is absolutely no reason for this cockroach to maintain his seat in what should be an honorable institution.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Murtha Must Go!!