Friday, October 31, 2008

Murtha Does it Again: Disrespect for PA-12 Voters

Congressman John Murtha makes another comment that's upsetting some of his constituents.

Murtha actually made the comments in a live interview last week. He was talking about his challenger Bill Russell. And he got a little heated at the thought that his challenger might win the election.

He called his opponent a carpetbagger and he swore on live television while he did it. Murtha has since apologized about his language. He said he's a former drill instructor and sometimes lapses into that type of language. He said it's also because he gets so worked up about this election. And Murtha said he doesn't really have anything else to say about it.
Getting "worked up" about this election, are we, Jack? Could it be because you hear that distant sucking sound, that sound of your years of tenure, years of corruption, years of buying votes with taxpayer money, years of unchecked porkbarrel spending, going up in smoke?

Are you getting "worked up" because for once in your 17-term tenure, a fine upstart, an honorable man, for a change, stands poised to unseat you?

Are you getting "worked up" because your constituents are finally tiring of the unending "Huey Long" type of corruption, not to mention your disparaging, condescending comments made toward them, and even one of their own in uniform that you disparaged with extreme prejudice, for purposes of cheap, political gain?

Are you getting "worked up" because the gravy train you've worked so long to engineer, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, may be about to derail?

Are you "worked up" because the corrupt political empire you built may be crumbling, courtesy of a man of honor who seeks to take your seat?

Is that why you're getting "worked up," Jack?

Heh. Sucks to be you.