Sunday, September 03, 2006

Murtha still not learning the lessons of history...

Submitted by Bones:
Yesterday, at the Huffington Post, John Murtha spoke once again...

It's the usual crap. The only reason for you to read it is to become further outraged over his behavior. According to recent Democrat talking points, Bush and Rumsfeld are hypocrites, attempting to spin the war over mere partisanship politicals. Murtha tried to imply that both men said that
"...many still have not learned history lessons,
as they drew inflammatory parallels between Nazism and today's
war in Iraq designed only to provoke unreasonable fear in the
hearts of Americans."
Well, in the sense that murtha *tried* to say it, he didn't prove it. He just said it and expects you to believe it because he said it. Kinda like Olberman did the other day. Besides, if by now you haven't understood that the Muslim Majority Nations aren't trying to kill you, let alone scare
you, you're too frigging stupid to live, let alone know enough to be afraid. Put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, it'll be much easier than the life and/or death that you face from the bloody hands of Islam.

Mr. Murtha also accused Mr. Bush of ignoring history. That is a typical talking point of socialists, communists (and of Islam) world-wide. According to socialists and democrat leftists, America is an Imperial power practicing colonialism--something that you are just supposed to believe, merely because they say so.

Actually, a close look at history will show that things are quite the other way around. If communist China didn't practice colonialism, they would've left Nepal alone and they wouldn't want to conquer Taiwan. If Islam wasn't practicing colonialism, they wouldn't force Shiara Law upon every nation where they are a majority. If socialists weren't colonialists, they wouldn't use politics and coercion and force as means to implement socialism on the populace of many and several nations.

As with many on the left today, they always accuse others of the very things that they practice themselves. But if you're stupid or essentially uneducated, you wouldn't know that. That's called history. Get some.

For the perennially stupid among you, move along. There's nothing to see here.

If you listen to the recent speeches by ol' "GW" and "Rummy," and especially if you read the transcripts, nothing could be further from the truth than what the Democrats are accusing them of doing. Along other things, the speeches of Mr. Bush and Rumsfeld pointed out the parallels between history and the present situation as regards Islam. They also point out several other things that you didn't hear from the media.

You see, the Democrats and the media - and Mr. Murtha especially - want you to believe that Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld said the exact opposite of what they said..

Because if you believe the truth, and believe what you've seen and heard with your own eyes and ears, you'll then know them for the lairs that they really all are--a prospect they can ill afford as they set their sights toward November.

..and who wants to elect proven liars and self-professed enemies of America to office?
Leo adds: Another historical fact that Murtha appears to overlook ad nauseum is the fact that his Surrender first! rhetoric has served (and continues to serve) to embolden our enemies, resulting in the deaths of more and more Americans.

And speaking of history, I wonder if Congressman Murtha has bothered to bone up on his study of the life and times of Benedict Arnold?

He's certainly following in his footsteps.


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