Friday, September 01, 2006

Who's Confused?

Diana Irey's campaign team is putting out information that's backing John Murtha into a corner, even if he doesn't seem to notice it. Here's the latest example:
"Yesterday, responding to remarks by the Secretary of Defense, Jack Murtha said, 'If there is a moral and intellectual confusion about this war, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is the one that is confused.'
"This, from a man who proved his own moral confusion when he declared that U.S. Marines at Haditha had 'killed innocent civilians in cold blood', before a single Marine had been charged, before a single court martial had been convened, before a single soldier had been convicted.
"This, from a man who proved his own intellectual confusion when he said we could redeploy U.S. forces in Iraq 'over the horizon', to OKINAWA.
"This, from a man who proved his own intellectual confusion when he said 'We can't win this militarily', implying, necessarily, that we can only win in Iraq by negotiating, and raising, therefore, the obvious question: with whom, exactly, shall we negotiate?
"This, from a man who proved his own intellectual confusion when he said the Army is 'worn out and broken', even though the Army is meeting its recruiting goals.
"This, from a man who proved his own intellectual AND moral confusion when he said he wanted Israel immediately to lay down its arms and stop defending itself against attacks by Hezbollah, a terrorist organization responsible for the murders of more Americans than any terrorist organization other than al Qaeda.
Murtha hectoring people about moral and intellectual confusion is a joke. After making what now appear to be false accusations against the Haditha Marines, he's the last person that should talk about moral confusion. The truth is that he's so full of...uh...himself that he's become a parody. Most observant people think that he's a travesty. He has only himself to blame.

Murtha likely wouldn't have had trouble getting elected had he not shot his mouth off like he's done since just before Thanksgiving. His endless spate of lies is becoming his anchor, an anchor that will ultimately lead to his demise.

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