Monday, September 04, 2006

While Murtha Sits In Washington Spewing Al Queda Lefty Propaganda...

...his opponent, Diana Irey is out meeting the people that she will be working for day in and day out. Below is an article from a Somerset County Pa. newspaper highlighting her participation in a county fair going on there this weekend.

Imagine that, a politician that is out meeting her some of her hopeful constituents at a local event as opposed to worrying about what's going on in Iraq or elsewhere in the world. Particularly since a congressman or woman is elected for the most part to do just that, not search for lights and camera's like a moth, pretending to be the president and setting public policy regarding world affairs like her opponent John Murtha has been doing for the past year as he runs for a hopeful speaker of the house position figuring his seat in Washington is already wrapped up.

Daily American Online: "MEYERSDALE - Candidates are out pressing the flesh as the election season heats up. Republican Diana Irey took time on Aug. 24 to meet area residents at the Somerset County Fair.

Although the fair took place outside the district she hopes to represent by unseating U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Johnstown, it was an opportunity to make her presence felt in Somerset County, she said. State Rep. Bob Bastian, R-Somerset, joined Irey for the walk-around.

“I'm getting her familiar with some of the Somerset people,” he said as they wandered through the bright lights of the rides and darker corners of the livestock pens.

Bastian has been busy helping out many of the Republican candidates as the mood of the voter seems to have changed in recent months.

“This has been an anti-incumbent year,” he said."

Gee, any guesses why that might be happening in this district in PA?

The small group ran into a number of people and Irey often talked at length
with fairgoers, some who were not even old enough to vote.

Shelby Baird, 14, of Somerset was excited to meet the candidate. The young girl is the founder of Teen-age Republicans of Somerset, or TARS, as
she called it.

Raised in a conservative Republican family, she hopes to work on the Irey
campaign as it progresses locally.

As for the candidate herself, Baird was surprised by the personal attention.
“She seems a lot quieter than the person she's running against,” she said. read more
Pretty observant coming from a 14 year old! Even she knows that John Murtha's mouth has been running way too much, particularly since he first leveled his accusations against our soldiers in Haditha. We remember those words....if you don't they kinda went like this:
It's much worse than reported in Time magazine. There was no fire fight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. And that's what the report is going to tell.

Now, you can imagine the impact this is going to have on those troops for the rest of their lives and for the United States in our war and our effort in trying to win the hearts and minds.(ref)

Thanks again John.. not... I can only imagine what effect your comments might have or have had on our brave innocent until proven guilty soldiers who are doing such a great job there and in Afghanistan. It still remains to be seen as to what effect it will have on your life in Washington and back home in PA, you remember where that is don't you, or have you forgotten why they sent you there?

With any luck you will soon be able to spend alot more time there, at your home in Pennsylvania that is, once Diana Irey unseats your fat traitorous ass from congress.

Hat Tip to "Bones" for the article heads up

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