Sunday, September 24, 2006

Murtha's generosity knows no bounds... long as he's being generous with your own money....
Taxpayers will spend $1.01 million for Murtha's staff.

Murtha, one of the most prominent congressional leaders, with 37 years of public service, boasts the highest average staff salaries in the Pennsylvania delegation -- nearly $54,000 per employee, paced by the top paycheck of Johnstown coordinator Bradford L. Clemenson, at about $110,000.

Murtha, Brady and Clemenson didn't return the Trib's calls for comment.

Murtha's Republican foe in the Nov. 7 election, Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey, accuses the incumbent of hiring expensive staffers who later become prominent lobbyists so that they can donate "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to Murtha's campaign.

"It's not surprising that Jack Murtha's staff is doing very well by the taxpayers," said Irey. "After all, a job working for Jack Murtha has been shown to be a ticket to riches."
Having grown up in Chicago, I am well aware of the power of political machines.

The thing about it is, political machines mean nothing if there are no votes to hold them in power.

Voters of PA-12, you have it within yourselves the power to break the bonds of a political machine that has been buying power on the backs of your tax dollars for well over 30 years.

Use your vote wisely.