Saturday, September 09, 2006

Murtha Watchdog Brethren BootMurtha With the Scoop

Boot has done an exemplary investigative job in their "6 o'clock news-worthy" piece posted below, anticipating Murtha and his minions' next possible strategic campaign move regarding his congressional race with Diana Irey, which up to this point he has taken for granted while basking in the glory as the new hero of the lunatic left.

It's starting to look as if he has spent more time doing the cable tv left wing talk circuit he adores so much than he should have, to the extent that now he looks over his shoulder to what suddenly appears to be a viable contender that has he and his campaign shaking a little in their boots.

Thus, he and they have now hit low gear to look for, and seem to have found some good juicy mud to sling on the worthy candidate Irey. And this mud seems to have possibly been supplied to the campaign by terrorists. Thats right, terrorists. See how below.

jihad jack murthaBoot Murtha: The Murtha Update, September 8, 2006.... read the latest on Rep. John Murtha: "Rumors are flying that Rep. John Murtha is ready to make war profiteering charges against Robert Irey – husband of Murtha's 2006 opponent, Diana Irey. Word has it the charges are based on a 'smoking gun' memo from Robert Irey's now deceased business partner, Dale Stoffel.

According to published reports [LINK] Robert Irey's company, CLI, partnered with Dale Stoffel's company, Wye Oak, and through Stoffel's efforts in Iraq acquired more than $40 million worth of government construction contracts to build a center in Taji to retrofit Soviet-era armored vehicles for Iraqi civil-defense purposes. American engineer, Joseph Wemple, was also brought into the project, which was overseen by the rebuilding task force led by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus.

But neither companies were paid. Stoffel returned to the US to seek help for payment through Senator (Rick Santorum) and the DOD. Stoffel returned to Iraq after being unsuccessful in acquiring payments. Five days later – Dec. 8, 2004 - Stoffel and Wemple were shot to death in Iraq.

According to a Jan. 28, 2006 AP article [LINK]: 'The killings remain unsolved. The FBI is still investigating, though family members say little has happened in the past several months. A previously unheard of insurgency group continues to post Internet videos for no apparent reason, showing documents from Stoffel's laptop computer, which was stolen in the attack."

Could this terrorist group – claiming document from Stoffel's laptop computer – be the source for Murtha's smoking gun attack on Irey?" read more here

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