Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Regarding Murtha's chances...

Among other things, In a veritable buffet of bad news fit to spoil any moonbat's appetite, Phil Brennan opines:
....Rick Santorum will win in Pennsylvania, Virginia Senator George Allen will trounce turncoat James Webb, and - surprise, Rep. John Murtha will go down to a much deserved defeat in Pennsylvania. Sources inside Murtha's campaign told officials of the Boot Murtha group of veterans that Murtha's unfavorable ratings top 50 percent -making him more vulnerable than the media cares to admit. One official told me "If that's true, we'd have to screw up to lose." Boot Murtha is a campaign organized by Vets for the Truth to Redeploy John Murtha - a goal dear to the hearts of every United States Marine who cherishes the reputation of the world's finest military unit that Murtha has dragged through the mud.
But Jihad Jack, blind to the fact that his "big experiment" in dabbling with left-wing radicalism is fizzling, continues to fiddle his defeatist message across the country, while chances for his own re-election, and for his political ambitions in general, smolder in what will be the greatest democrat victory that never was.