Thursday, May 25, 2006

Irey: Murtha needs to apologize!

From here:

Irey, Murtha Go Toe-To-Toe

As Congressman John Murtha prepares for the November election, on Wednesday his challenger headed to Washington, D.C., to deliver a message to him.

Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey and a busload of supporters headed to D.C. to demand Murtha apologize to Marines for recently accusing some of them of being cold-blooded killers.

Irey, 12th district challenger, said Murtha's stance on the war in Iraq is not her platform for the November election, but it is an issue.

"Mr. Murtha's comments, I believe, were irresponsible and they put our men and women serving overseas in greater danger,"

Irey said.Murtha recently said several Marines killed at least 15 Iraqi civilians in cold blood last November and said action should be taken.

While the U.S. military doesn't dispute the congressman's claim, Irey said Murtha is in the wrong.

"Being a former Marine himself, he should know they have a process in place to take care of situation that may have happened that should not have happened," Irey said."By coming out and calling them 'cold-blooded killers,' he's already tainted the minds and possible jury of those who will be hearing these allegations."

Irey's visit to Washington, D.C., comes on the heels of Murtha receiving the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for speaking out against the war.

Irey said she believes many eye the Kennedy family with suspicions and said she's never heard anything positive about the award.
...and to that, Ms. Irey, I say a hearty AMEN!