Friday, May 26, 2006

Something's afoot here...

The left wing fever swamp is going crazy with regard to a supposed New York Times report that Minnesota Republican Congressman John Kline has stated that he felt certain that what reportedly happened in Haditha could not have been an accident.

I googled "Representative John Kline" and "Haditha" and got this...

BBC Bulgaria
Inquiry points to atrocity by marines
International Herald Tribune, France - 13 hours ago
... Representative John Kline, Republican of Minnesota, who is a retired Marine colonel, said that the allegations against the marines in Haditha indicated that ...
Military expected to report Marines killed Iraqi civilians International Herald Tribune
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but when I clicked on the link and did a search of the story, John Kline's name was suddenly nowhere to be found in the piece.

There is also no statement to that effect anywhere on Kline's webpage.

Unless I can find evidence elsewhere, and given that the original text containing Kline appears to have been removed from the story, I am going to chalk it up to a mis-reporting of what Kline stated. I will call Kline's office on Tuesday for a clarification.


Captain Ed has this take on it:
This post isn't about John Murtha, but I know people want to discuss it, so the comment section is open for that topic as well. I will note that in my original post, I acknowledged that Murtha may have had the story correct -- but that he should have held his commentary until it came out, and that he should not have used it as fodder for his anti-war rhetoric. Murtha politicized it, which was wrong. He also accurately described the conclusions, and that is unfortunate, and I'm sure that Murtha feels the same way about that.
While Confederate Yankee adds..

Eight days ago, before the joint NCIS/Multi-National Forces investigation had been completed on the case, before so much as one charge had been filed, ex-Marine John Murtha made the extraordinarily inflammatory and provocative statement that the Marines in this horrific incident "killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

I said then and maintain now that:

…it is unconscionable for any legislator to accuse U.S. military personnel of multiple counts of premeditated murder before an investigation into these charges is complete. Prosecutions must proceed at their own logical pace as evidence in the case dictates. Premature accusations by a public figure in such a case imposes an artificial timeline, endangering the accuracy and thoroughness of an investigation.

At the same time, such heated rhetoric as charges of murder of "innocent civilians in cold blood" is prejudicial against the defendants, poisoning public opinion against them. This would be an explosive charge in a civilian court, but to make such charges against members of the U.S. Military when they are engaged in military operations in that country is absolutely fissionable.

Even if these accusations are proven true—once charges are finally brought and duly prosecuted—Murtha's grandstanding is still a reprehensible act, trading upon horrible (alledged) murders for temporary political gain.

Sickening souls on the far left are already gloating that Murtha's premature pronouncements may turn out to be accurate, without considering for a second that it was not his place to make those accusations. He could have endangered the investigation and prosecution of these apparent crimes. Of course, due process doesn't much matter to these folks. Making charges, whether they can be proven or supported, is part of their stock in trade.

I find I am able to feel disgust for all the black hearts involved; those that could perpetrate such horrific acts, those that could cover it up, and those who would try to profit from it.

May justice find them all.