Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why Murtha Must Go

I've thought John Murtha had to go since he proposed "immediate redeployment" of our troops from Iraq. It was stupid policy. That showed a level of unseriousness on his part. There was more than a hint of playing politics with the issue, too. That said, that's one level of problem.

When he played judge, jury & executioner to the Marines before the investigation was complete, he didn't just propose a foolish policy. He placed every American serviceman in harms way for political gain. He also made it much more difficult for countries like Jordan, the UAE, Pakistan & Afghanistan to help us in the GWOT. In short, he's made the President's job of protecting America much more difficult.

I can (barely) tolerate moonbat Democrats making foolish policy proposals but I won't tolerate a cheap politician putting American soldiers in harms' way just so he can continue his anti-Bush diatribe. We're talking about national security now. Putting us needlessly, & without foundation thus far, in harms way is unconscienable.

I strongly urge the readers to this new blog to visit Diana Irey's campaign website to learn more about her views.