Friday, May 26, 2006

Murtha, his Defenders & Detractors

This situation of the ongoing glee in the MSM and on the left regarding Congressman Murtha's criticism of the alleged actions of some combat Marines in Haditha Iraq will not go away without a doubt. Nor should it. If it turns out that these men indeed committed these alleged atrocities they will be dealt with by the military the way they should be. But until that time, they remain innocent until proven guilty.

The fact that Jack Murtha has already convicted them in the press simply by way of info he recieved who knows where is the real problem here that many on the other side of the argument do not seem to grasp. And as Psychmeister eludes in his post yesterday and can be confirmed by the chat room link he provided, folks against the war become defenders of military heroes and it's members only when it serves their argument to do so.

Disregarded by our criticizers and Murtha's defenders is the fact that his son (Psycmeister's) serves our country presently in the military, and to say that he or we cannot speak out against a sitting congressman who speaks out prematurely about an ongoing investigation feeding the enemy propoganda machine that those very soldiers are fighting is ludicrous. These congressmen and women work for us, not the other way around, (and certainly not for the enemy), be them war veterans or not.

Cindy Sheehan, who we all know too well, hasn't stopped her barrage of attacks against the commander in chief no less and the country since her son Casey was killed in action. Yet the left embraces her vitriolic lies and distortions to the point that the lady will soon need some medical attention of some sort when she no longer serves their agenda and they throw her overboard as many are known to do to folks they no longer need.

Meanwhile congressman Murtha hit the talk show circuit this week and on Wednesday he appeared on Alan Colmes radio show (below) to continue his premature conviction of these soldiers and also throws in some jabs at the American WWII vets while he's at it. He also appeared on Hardball on the same subject and expose the left has the video here..

Jack Murtha: U.S. Deliberately Killed Innocent Civilians in WWII: "Congressman Jack Murtha, D-Penn., said Wednesday night that the U.S. military was deliberately and indiscriminately killing innocent civilians in Iraq - much the same way, he added, that American pilots did during World War II.

Asked about his crusade to expose the alleged massacre of an Iraqi family in Haditha last November, Murtha told Fox News Radio's Alan Colmes: 'When this comes out, it's going to be much worse than' the initial reports.

Could the Haditha episode be characterized as 'the indiscriminate, deliberate killing of civilians?' Colmes asked.

'From everything I've seen,' said Murtha, 'that's exactly what it was. ... That's exactly what happened in this particular case.'" read the rest