Monday, May 22, 2006

Thank you Leo for the invitation

I accept and hope to bring some information to folks regarding our subject at hand here, Congressman John Murtha. At one point in his life, Mr Murtha was a dedicated & decorated 37 year veteran of our armed forces, a Marine. But as of late he has become better known for his alignment with the far left wing of the political landscape by openly degradating our military and calling for a complete troop pullout during a time of war.

As we all know, open debate and discussion is one of the main freedoms that he once did and our present military, including the owner of this blog, Leo's son fight for. But to give aid and comfort to our enemies while soldiers are in a theatre of war goes beyond the pale of anything this country has ever seen until very recent times. Public servants like these have become a detriment to our very crucial fight against the evils of Islamofascism and must be stopped before they gain enough power to instill their appeasement agenda on a nation that needs protection right now.

There's much work yet to be done, so lets get started.