Thursday, May 25, 2006

On criticizing a veteran...

Some people have criticized myself and this blog for its criticism of a Marine war veteran.

That is true. The purpose of this blog's existence is to criticize the irresponsible and seditious actions of a man in governmental power who is a Marine war veteran.

But does the fact that he is a veteran give him immunity from criticism?

Those on the left claim that criticism of Murtha is a slap to the face of veterans (I beg to differ). It is those same critics, however, who hold no compunction against criticizing the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, who served in the Navy during the Korean War. Or of George W. Bush himself, who served honorably in TANG.

It is Murtha's rhetoric itself that serves as a slap to the face of veterans, as he brings dishonor upon the Corps with his seditious remarks, and brings aid and comfort to those who would bring harm to United States soldiers currently serving in hostile territory.

Murtha may have served honorably in the Marine Corps. The purpose of this blog is not to dispute that. The purpose of this blog is to focus on the here and now, on what I would term seriously seditious and traitorous rhetoric by a current sitting member of the United States Congress.

Seditious behavior and rhetoric cannot go unanswered in a time of war regardless of its source; and the light of scrutiny must be shed on all, especially when its source is an elected official whose sworn duty is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. When that most basic function is subjugated in the name of cheap political gain, then one has most certainly shed the honor and respect that would otherwise be bestowed by virtue of past military service.

Murtha, via his rhetoric, has by his own choices traded his military honor for poltical expediency.

In short, Congressman John Murtha has made his own bed.