Sunday, October 12, 2008

Arrogant Murtha to Americans: "Tough Shit."

Jack Murtha is undoubtedly not only the most corrupt member of congress, but the most arrogant.

When complaints arose that it is still difficult to find information regarding earmarks embedded in legislation, Murtha had a wonderful answer to those Americans who wish to know where their tax dollars are going:
Last year, Congress promised to shed light on the secretive process. But the lists of earmarks are still buried in obscure documents that are difficult to find and search. Until Congress put them online a couple of weeks ago, the House disclosure letters, linking lawmakers to companies, were thick volumes of paper kept in a cabinet in the offices of the House Appropriations Committee.

When a reporter for Congressional Quarterly pointed out how difficult it remains to pull all the information together, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., chairman of the committee that drafts the defense bill, had a quick answer: “Tough shit.”

"Tough Shit," Jack? Is that what you have to say to the cry for more transparency in government?

Much to your amazement, Jihad Jack, the people of PA-12 elected you to be a public servant, not an elite member of royalty.

PA-12, it's high time to say, "Tough Shit!" to his "royal heinous" at the ballot box. Say NO to Murtha, and say YES to William Russell!


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