Thursday, October 23, 2008

PA-12 Residents Weigh In

PA-12 voters are starting to register some disgust with Jihad Jack's seditious and arrogant antics. A good friend of mine from Pennsylvania writes,
"My cousin lives in Johnstown and she cannot stand Murtha. The sentiment is thick there now. I don't think he'll make it this year. Too many think he is senile."
Here are some LTE's From the Tribune-Democrat

Vote for a change of congressman

U.S. Rep. John Murtha has for many, many years been a good man and a good legislator.

I am a conservative Republican who has voted for him many, many times.

But it is time to vote Murtha out of office.

He was always a square shooter, but then he threw in with the Speaker of the House and apparently decided to do her will for political gain and power. He has abandoned his worthiness.

Turning his back on the Haditha Marines – who except for one man have been cleared of any wrongdoing – was very low.

Now, Murtha has called his constituents racist. That is a flat-out lie.

Murtha is trying to make excuses for the Democratic standardbearer, who is about to lose.

The reason western Pennsylvania won’t vote for Barack Obama is simply because no one knows who he is, other than a elitist liberal and big-time socialist.

The Associated Press can send 40 dirt-diggers to Anchorage, Alaska, but has not reported much about Obama.

If the qualifications of the two presidential candidates were reversed, there would be no racist talk.

All the racist talk is coming from the Democrats. This is planned so that when Obama loses he can do an Al Gore and send in his attorneys to throw out votes for his opponent.

On Nov. 4, vote for Republican Bill Russell.

David A. Murphy

New Florence

Racism comments insulting to voters

How dare U.S. Rep. John Murtha call his constituents racist (“Murtha: Western Pa. racist, but Obama should win the state,” Oct. 16), echoing what the rest of the Democratic party and the news media have been saying for months now.

Does Murtha think we’re too stupid to know he’s trying to subliminally sow the seeds of doubt in our minds and have us question ourselves about whether we’re racist or not?

He must believe that if he’s successful, he’ll trick us into voting by skin color rather than by the issues just so we can “prove” to ourselves that we’re not racist.

Murtha should know that many of us are smart enough to do our homework and vote issues rather than party.

We’ll vote issues rather than skin color as well.

Why don’t I read anything about the94 percent of black voters who support Obama being racist?

I’m a registered Republican, but I vote issues first.

I’ve voted for Murtha in the past as well as for state Rep. Tom Yewcic, another Democrat.

Murtha shouldn’t insult me or my neighbors like this.

It’s underhanded and manipulative, and for that I’ll not vote for him this year but instead I’ll support Bill Russell.

Darryl S. Hauck

Interestingly, there were no pro-Murtha letters at the site.

Two years ago, a fine candidate by the name of Diana Irey ran against Murtha. Although PA-12 voters gave her an impressive percentage of the vote, they weren't quite ready to give up their cash cow.

But now, more than ever, the stench of corruption and malfeasance has evidently become too much to bear.

PA-12, you will have good, honest representation in the name of William Trower Russell!