Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jihad Jack Murtha: San Francisco Elitist (Wannabe)

For years, Congressman Jack Murtha had been a major behind-the-scences powerbroker in the U.S. House. He pretty much pulled the strings in all things defense, and nothing happened without it going through him first. But despite the power that Jack Murtha had, he was, in the end, still behind the scenes.

Tired of being the red-headed step-child of the democrat party, Congressman Jack Murtha (PA-12) devised a plan that he hoped would propel him to the ranks of the democrat elite. So back on a bleak November day in 2005, Jack Murtha took out his thirty pieces of silver, and traded them for what he hoped would be a seat at the movon.org power structure of the DNC. An ex-Marine, Murtha willingly gave cover to the democrat party in their bid to set into motion an unprecedented, unsrupulous, and unprincipled campaign to make political hay out of the war in Iraq by pushing to ensure its failure, damn the casualties. From that fateful day in November, 2005, Murtha (at least in his own mind) became the absolute toast of the democrat anti-war kook left.

Feeling stuck in a position of being a backroom powerbroker in D.C., Jack felt he deserved a more prominent spot at the table of power. Safe in the womb of his own district from years and years and millions upon millions in taxpayer-supplied pork spending, Murtha felt (and was at the time) invulnerable. Jack therefore felt it safe to cast his lot with the looniest of the leftists, in a whorish effort to gain favor with those who would nourish his already checkered political career. Betting that the U.S. Congress would change hands in the 2006 elections, Jack Murtha became more and more virulent in his anti-war rhetoric. he even went so far as to throw eight of his Marine brethren under the bus in May of 2006, when without evidence he played judge, jury and executioner in the Haditha incident; an incident in which all were exonerated (and for which Murtha to this day refuses to apologize).

With his eyes ever on the prize, and with his rheteric growing ever more ruthless and reckless, Jack Murtha looked forward to the day when he, too, would be invited to all the right cocktail parties, and be seen as an equal with the rest of the anti-American elite democrat power structure. Visions of Soviet hammers and sickles danced in his head, and he probably orgasmed in his pants when his dream of a democrat takeover of Congress came through in November of 2005. Murtha was the pied piper of death and destruction in his role in sabotaging the war effort for the democrat party, and felt that he must be paid. Speaker Pelosi agreed, and placed upon Jack Murtha her impiratur for the coveted House Majority Leader spot. Nothing could stop Jack from finally achieving the apex of his congressional career, and was looking forward to being coronated as the second highest ranking member in the U.S. House.

Or so he thought.

You see, Murtha, like any member of the white limousine liberal kook-left plantation, was expendable. Not too many people liked him in the first place. Murtha proved his usefulness in handing the democrats a 2006 electoral victory. His usefulness gone, their victories won, the DNC power structure that Jack Murtha so wanted to be a part of, for which he sold his very soul, threw him under the bus like the sack of disposable diapers that he is. Like a college frat that uses a dweeb pledge to take the fall for a major prank and then dumps him, the DNC power structure rejected Murtha's bid, and nearly laughed in his face doing it.

Dejected, but not broken, Murtha continued his stint as major pork-broker in the U.S. House, and continued to line his political coffers with donations from the beneficiaries of Murtha's looseness with the publicly funded largesse.

But you see, to this very day, Jihad Jack Murtha wants to continue to endear himself to the tainted left, to be wanted and loved, and wanted so much to be considered relevant, that he is willing to throw not only Marines, but his very constituency under the bus. Calling PA-12 residents racists the other day, and then rednecks today, Murtha is trying desperately to continue to be accepted by the democrat D.C. power structure who continue to treat him like a house boy. Knowing that Obama will lose in a decidedly conservative military district, Murtha is striving to apologize for the very people who have placed him in power lo these 17 congressional terms.

Jack Murtha's story has all the makings of a Greek tragedy, only his actions have had some very real consequences, His megalomaniacal penchant for power has, in my opinion (and others') had the net effect of prolonging the war; and his aid and comfort given to our enemies have resulted in unnecessary and untold loss of life and subsequent grief to soldiers and their families.

Jack Murtha may never fit in with the San Francisco elite he is trying so desperately to emulate and to be a part of, but one thing is for sure: for his entire sorry political career, the only thing that has ever mattered to Jack Murtha, is and was, Jack Murtha.