Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little look at history...

John Murtha's history of being a robber-baron, playing free and easy with the toils of the taxpayers, is far from being a short one. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane to Murtha's challenge from another democrat opponent, Frank Mascara, in 2002

Murtha challenged Mascara to a debate early in the campaign. Mascara quickly accepted, but Murtha said he couldn't fit the debates into his schedule. So Mascara offered a $1,000 bounty to anyone who could convince Murtha to debate. The money went unclaimed.

While Mascara was trying to get Murtha to debate, Murtha was announcing millions of dollars worth of federal grants and projects throughout the 12th District.

As the second-ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, Murtha has control over military spending and has steered defense-related contracts to companies throughout the district. Murtha's slogan, "the congressman who delivers," became the theme of his campaign.

Murtha made immediate inroads in the new district. At one point, he dealt Mascara a blow in the heart of his 20th District by awarding a $2 million grant to a center that retrains unemployed coal miners at California University of Pennsylvania, Mascara's alma mater.

Mascara had enjoyed support from the United Mine Workers of America through the Greene-Fayette-Washington areas, but the union endorsed Murtha for re-election.

That's all Murtha had to do to win votes. A little pork here, a little pork there, paid for by the very taxpayers he supposedly serves. When asked about his opponent after the election, a gloating, self-aggrandizing Murtha declared:
"I usually don't take things like this personally, but I did this time. He was desperate. He wanted to win so bad he would stoop to anything. I haven't heard from him, and I don't expect to."
He would "...stoop to anything to win," eh Jack? You mean like your decision to betray your country during a time of war by starting an unprecedented negative propaganda campaign against our troops and their mission; just like the time in May of 2005 when you threw 15 Haditha Marines under the bus for your own political aggrandizement, just so you could win the House Majority Seat?

Seems like Mr. Mascara learned from the worst. But let's face it-- on Mascara's meanest, most unscrupulous day, he could never stoop so low or be so ruthless as Jihad Jack Murtha.