Friday, October 03, 2008

Johnstown-Democrat..still in bed with Murtha...

With regard to the pending lawsuit by PA-12 constituent Justin Sharratt against Jihad Jack Murtha, the editors at the Johnstown-Democrat no doubt had a huge lump in their throat and a scowl on their face when they begrudgingly penned the following:
We certainly hope justice is done in this case.

That would mean that if Murtha truly damaged someone’s reputation with false accusations, that he face the music in court.

The rules should be no different for public officials than for the rest of us.
But the editors, still in love with their self-absorbed, repugnant, corrupt congressman from PA-12, couldn't help but add the following salt to the wounds of those already unjustly besmirched by Murtha:
We would also hope that the courts – military and civilian – are making every effort to be certain that those who are cleared of wrongdoing deserve that treatment. War means dangerous circumstances, but even in such a setting, crimes against civilians should not be tolerated.
There was no "crime" against civilians perpetrated by U.S. Marines. Period. If there was a crime against civilians, it was perpetrated by the terrorists, who, against the Geneva Convention and the rules of war, chose to utilize civilians as human shields in time of war and during a firefight. And the sycophant editors at the Tribune-Democrat go on to offer yet another "caveat" with regard to their faux consternation of Jihad Jack:
We also understand that there is a political side to this situation – although Geary said: “There’s no political motivation whatsoever. This is purely a legal endeavor.”

Republican challenger William Russell has made Murtha’s Haditha comments his rallying cry in attempting to unseat the longtime incumbent."
Damn right there's politics involved! It takes politics to unseat a dirty politician with a scandalous record a mile long, and it's high time that a man of honor in the name of William Russell has stepped up to the challenge. The editors go on to say,
While the courts ultimately will decide Murtha’s fate concerning the lawsuit, voters will have their say in a month.
You're damned right about that. And the fawning editors at the Johnstown Democrat will more than likely be crying in their coffee once their corrupt golden calf is sent to retirement on November 4th.


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