Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From" Racists" To "Rednecks", Flattery Will Get You Nowhere Jihad Jackoff

Will he come out Wednesday and claim he really didn't mean to call them racists or rednecks, he really meant to say Jerry Springer loving White trash? Never know as his senility reaches new heights previously detected.

So at this juncture can someone take ol' Jack out to the proverbial woods like a suffering hound and possibly put him out of his obvious political misery and increasing dementia before he finally says something that gets someone hurt, just like it did to our 8 brave soldiers in Haditha, Iraq, likely getting other soldiers killed as a result, thanks to the apprehension they all must carry with them in the field of battle, afraid they'll become the next target of not Al Queda but their own government with Jihad himself driving the Humvee of innuendo and personal destruction.

Pennsylvanians, please tell me you've finally had enough of the Haditha Hog who needs to finally be sent to the butcher once and for all after this past week of insulting anyone and everyone he could manage. After all, what'll it take to finally raise the ire of you folks may I ask? Isn't being referred to as Rednecks and Racists just a little too much from your own congressman?

I sure would hope so.....otherwise if you don't send him packing now. I would have to say he may just be right about you all at the end of the day.

Murtha Calls Western Pa. 'Redneck' -

Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh
: "CHARLEROI, Pa. -- U.S. Rep. John Murtha is calling many of the people who put him in office 'rednecks.'

The news comes one week after Murtha claimed the area is racist, then apologized for that comment.

In explaining his comments about racism, Murtha told WTAE it's difficult for many in the area to change. Murtha said that just five to 10 years ago the entire area was 'redneck.'

Now Murtha said only certain segments of the population are holding on to those racist feelings.

Just days after classifying western Pennsylvania as racist, Murtha took a step back from those comments, albeit a small one.

'What I said, that indicted everybody, that's not what I meant at all. What I mean is there's still folks that have a problem voting for someone because they are black,' Murtha said."

Boy oh Boy.....