Friday, October 24, 2008

We Heartily Concur

Speaking for MMGers everywhere, we heartily agree with Michelle Malkin's NRO column. It's time that we booted Murtha for being a spinmeister, a corruption machine, an EX-Marine and for being the most dovish hawk in the House of Representatives. This paragraph is the perfect encapsulation of the choices the voters of PA-12 have:

The Democrat supports the pork-stuffed, debt-exploding government bailout for the banking industry. The Republican opposes it. The Democrat supports a raft of illegal-alien amnesty measures. The Republican opposes them. The Democrat supports race-baiting campaign rhetoric and contemptuous smears against both American troops and gun-owning, Bible-respecting citizens. The Republican opposes those divisive tactics and reckless slander.

Let's hope that the people in PA-12 have finally realized that Rep. Murtha hasn't helped their district that much. Yes, he's brought home a ton of bacon but most of that money goes to a few select cronies. It certainly hasn't helped the masses in PA-12.

I think that Rep. Murtha's statements calling his constituents racists, then explaining that they weren't racists, that they were rednecks instead, is proof that he's rattled. I think Murtha's feeling the heat from the Russell Brigade. I think that pressure is causing a number of Murtha misstatements. In turn, I think that's exposing the true John Murtha.

While you're thinking about Murtha's plentiful ethical lapses, stop past Brigade HQ and contribute to Russell's victory.

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